Emily (Scarecrow)

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Name Emily
Actor Tania Saulnier
Location Boston, Massachusetts
Episode(s) 1.11 Scarecrow


Emily is a teenage girl living with her aunt and uncle in Burkittsville, Indiana. She lost her parents in a car accident when she was thirteen.


1.11 Scarecrow

When Dean goes on the search for a missing couple in Burkittsville, Indiana, Dean questions the Jorgesons at their general store. Later when stopping for gas, he has a conversation with Emily about herself, the town and the scarecrow in the orchard before hitting the road again.

When Dean finds out the town has been performing human sacrifices to a pagan god -- the Vanir, he is captured by the town sheriff and along with Emily offered up as sacrifices to appease the god by her aunt, uncle. As Dean and Emily are locked away in a cellar, they form a plan to destroy "the First Tree", but are taken by Emily's aunt and uncle and tied up in the orchard. Panicked Emily asks Dean what his plan is, but he has none. Suddenly Emily notices a figure moving in the shadows, believing it to be the Scarecrow, Dean tries to untie his ropes, and is overjoyed that it is Sam to appears from behind the trees. With the help of Sam they manage to escape, causing the Scarecrow to turn on Emily’s aunt and uncle instead. The next morning Emily helps the brothers destroy the god by burning the First Tree. Having lost the last of her family, Sam and Dean see Emily off as she boards a bus to Boston to start a new life.


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