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* Read about Kripke's involvement with [[The Sandman]] TV Series
* Read about Kripke's involvement with [[The Sandman]] TV Series
* Kripke was listed an associate producer on the movie [http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1385826/ "The Adjustment Bureau"].
* Kripke was listed an associate producer on the movie [http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1385826/ "The Adjustment Bureau"].
* 11 July 2011 [http://www.variety.com/article/VR1118039725 Variety] reports that Warner Bros. has picked up [[Haunted]] a movie script by Kripke about a haunted house told from the ghost's point of view. Kripke will also direct. The project is being set up  with Greg Berlanti through Berlanti Prods. and Kevin McCormick via his Langley Park banner.
==[[6.15 The French Mistake]]==
==[[6.15 The French Mistake]]==

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Eric Kripke at the TCA press tour 2007.

Eric Kripke is Series Creator and Executive Producer. He was the Showrunner for Seasons 1-5. He will stay on in an Executive Producer role for Season 6. Attributed as pitching the show as "Star Wars In Truck Stop America" Source

Kripke on the genesis of the series from 2005:

Kripke: At one point I wanted to do an anthology show. Another time, I wanted to do a series about a reporter who works for a tabloid magazine, pretty much a rip-off of the original Kolchak: The Night Stalker. And then, finally, just through development with the studio, settled on this idea of telling these stories in the format of this Route 66: Great American Road Trip with these two brothers.

TV.com: Well, it worked well.

Eric Kripke: It's sort of funny how it all worked out. I literally had scribbled [the idea] in a notebook the day before my meeting with the studio, and then I came into the studio and had pitched them my reporter idea. And they didn't like it. They said, "What else do you got?" I didn't have anything. So, I tap danced and said, "Well, I got this great idea about two brothers on a road trip." They loved it, and it ended up being the show. So, it's funny how that works out.
  • Early draft of Pilot. Mary Harrison dies in what everyone thinks is a car accident when her sons are 9 and 13. After her death their father - Jack Harrison - leaves Sam and Dean and they are raised by an aunt and uncle.

Kripke talks about casting Jared and Jensen:

When we started casting, we had archetypes in mind, which were Han Solo and Luke Skywalker. We were really looking for Sam to be empathetic, kind, and likeable, and really the audience surrogate. The person who the audience would most see themselves as and really carry the story through their eyes. And that required a really unique likeability. For Dean, we were looking for Han Solo. We were looking for devil-may-care, charismatic, a little rough around the edges, a little edgy, says things that are not always the kindest thing, as long as they're funny. And that was really what we started out with.

And Jared and Jensen both just so inhabited those parts, and then proceeded to blow us away with how dimensionalized they were. For Jensen, the level of emotion and totally flawed, screwed-to-hell psyche that he brings to Dean, we really are enamored with. This idea that on the surface here's this Han Solo devil-may-care persona, but when you really scratch beneath the surface, you see that anyone who has that persona has it because they are just so messed up, and that you would have to be so screwed up and damaged to be the person who always jumps first off a cliff.

So, he really brought Dean to life in a really three-dimensional way, and Jared did the same thing with Sam. Yes, Sam was likeable, and the audience surrogate and all the things he was supposed to be, but also angry, and disaffected, and, at times, hilariously funny, loyal, and despondent. He brought in all of these different colors that have really brought these characters to life, which I think is probably very rare for a genre show to have--characters as dimensionalized as ours--and I'm really proud of it. It has a lot to do with Bob Singer and the other writers probably more than it had to do with me. I came in just looking for good kills, and through the talents and abilities of the actors and the writers, they just brought these guys to life in a way I never really dreamed, obviously.

Kripke on his childhood trauma:

Because of the show, people wonder if I had a disturbed childhood, or tortured puppies, stuff like that. But I'm a normal Ohio boy from a tight-knit family — though my friends and family do seem surprised that I'm coming up with such twisted crap. About once a month my sister calls me and says, "What the hell's wrong with you?" source

Kripke on his worldview:

If I had a worldview, and I don't know if I do, but if I did, it's one that's intensely humanistic. [That worldview] is that the only thing that matters is family and personal connection, and that's the only thing that gives life meaning. Religion and gods and beliefs -- for me, it all comes down to your brother. And your brother might be the brother in your family, or it might be the guy next to you in the foxhole, it's about human connections. Source
Fan ad in The Hollywood Reporter after the end of Season 5

Kripke on the fans of the Show:

First of all, I love our fans. I love them to death. I love how passionate they are. But they tend to worry unnecessarily. They tend to get stressed before they have a chance to judge the finished product. We are so conscious and aware of our fans. We're making the show for the fans; we're not making the show for the network. We would never do anything to betray them. I'm not saying we're perfect. I'm not saying we don't make mistakes. But we're very conscious and aware. And when we do make mistakes, we course-correct. So if I can get any message to them, it's, 'Don't worry. We're making choices based on what's best creatively for the show.' Source- July 2007 after the casting of Ruby and Bela</a>

At Comic Con 2009 Kripke said "he has a "tempestuous, loving, conflicting" relationship with the online Supernatural fan community, and that the meta episode 4.18 The Monster At The End Of This Book gave him a chance to lovingly make fun of them. Source

On the 100th episode featurette on the Season 5 DVD, Kripke said: "I remember every episode. They're like my children. And some are beautiful children and some are ugly and deformed. But there all your children. It makes you emotional and amazed and you kinda can't believe where the times gone. It's like watching kids grow up and get bloody"

Variety reports that Kripke has signed a two-year creative deal with Warner brothers, but will stay on as the showrunner for Superantural in its fourth season

With the announcement of the Season Six renewal of the show on February 17, 2010, Michael Ausiello reports that both Eric Kripke and Bob Singer will step aside as show runners to devote more time to new projects with the WB. Sera Gamble is promoted to showrunner. Ausiello reports a source saying: “Eric and Bob will be working very closely with Sera. They are not abandoning the show."

Other Projects

  • Read about Kripke's involvement with The Sandman TV Series
  • Kripke was listed an associate producer on the movie "The Adjustment Bureau".
  • 11 July 2011 Variety reports that Warner Bros. has picked up Haunted a movie script by Kripke about a haunted house told from the ghost's point of view. Kripke will also direct. The project is being set up with Greg Berlanti through Berlanti Prods. and Kevin McCormick via his Langley Park banner.

6.15 The French Mistake

Micah A. Hauptman as Eric Kripke

Played by: Micah A. Hauptman
Eric - sequestered away in a cabin working on his new Pilot - is called to the set as a result of Sam and Dean's strange behavior. Bob Singer is relieved to see him, and they talk briefly about Misha Collins' murder, which Eric is quick to point out that, though a tragedy, got them the front page of Variety. He also mentions that he's had a breakthrough on then new show he's writing, Octocobra. Before Eric can speak to the boys, though, Virgil appears and shoots him multiple times with a shotgun, killing him.

Writer of:

Director of:

- Transcript of Eric Kripke's commentary on What Is and What Should Never Be by stir_of_echoes

Eric in Fandom

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Contact address: Eric Kripke 9465 Wilshire Blvd Suite 880 Beverly Hills, California 90212 USA

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