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It was like the old Yankee clippers. A smuggling vessel. Rakish topsail, barquentine rigging, angel head on the bow.

– Peter Warren, 3.06 Red Sky at Morning

The Espírito Santo was a three-masted clipper ship that served as a merchant vessel in its heyday. It was manned in the mid-19th century by a crew that included a sailor and his brother, the captain; after the captain ordered his brother's execution for alleged treason, a ghost ship version of the Espírito Santo began appearing to people who have spilled the blood of family members, as a death omen warning them that they had become the latest target of the sailor's murderous ghost.


3.06 Red Sky at Morning

There were four total sightings of the Espírito Santo ghost ship in 2007, all in Sea Pines, Massachusetts. The first person to see it was Sheila Case, who spotted the ship coming towards her while she was jogging by the water. She was later drowned in her shower by the sailor's ghost. The next two to see the Espírito Santo were the Warren brothers, who were night diving when they saw it. Peter Warren later described it to the Winchester brothers. Both Warrens were eventually drowned by the sailor's ghost. The last person to see the ship was Bela Talbot, when she had parked by the waterside while counting money she made from having sold the Hand of Glory made from the sailor's hand. As only she had prior experience with the supernatural and, in fact, had been investigating the case of the Espírito Santo in order to get the Hand of Glory, Bela was the only one of the witnesses who recognized the ghost ship's appearance as a signal of her demise. Sam Winchester was able to save her life by performing a spell to summon the spirit of the sailor's brother, allowing the sailor's ghost to exact his revenge and finally putting him to the rest.

With both sailors' spirits having moved on, it is presumed that the Espírito Santo will not be seen again beyond 2007.


  • The ship's name translates as "Holy Spirit," meaning the Holy Ghost of Christianity, i.e. the third aspect of God.
  • It is unclear which ghost featured in 3.06 Red Sky at Morning, if any, was responsible for the Espírito Santo's appearance. As it would appear shortly to the sailor's ghost's targets shortly before he attacked his victims, it is possible that he was the one who had been making the ghost ship appear.

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