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The Impala has been a fan favourite on Supernatural since the show began, and has inspired a number of fans to get their own 67 Impala. Fans lovingly restore often beat up old shells of cars, sometimes down to the most minute detail to match the car to the Impala on the show.

The best known of the Impala restorers is Rick Blevins, who is featured on the "Fan" documentary on the Season 10 DVD and Blu-ray. Rick has restored cars both for himself and others, and it was an Impala restored by him and owned by fan Stefany Torres that the Supernatural producers used when they filmed the episode 9.20 Bloodlines in Chicago.

You can find Rick on Facebook at Everything Supernatural.

A Haunting of Impalas

"A Haunting of Impalas" is an annual gathering of Fan Impalas at the Brewery, which was first held in May 2018.

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Picture Owners; Location Story Links
RubyImpala Pic.jpg Dana and Michael Bounds, Fort Worth, Texas My husband and I really love old cars and have always talked about having a project car. We have been watching Supernatural since day 1 but I never thought about having an Impala until I found the Fandom. I heard about the conventions and my son and I went to our first one in 2012. Ariel Horcher's Lilith was there and that was IT! I had to have one. I started my search and with the help of the infamous Rick Blevins, in 2014 I found Ruby. I had her shipped to Texas from Washington State and even before she got home, she had a name and a facebook page. At the time of this writing, she has 2,552 followers!

Money is tight and these girls require A LOT of it, so I have not done much to her as of yet. She has gotten a tune up and the correct intake manifold. She runs, and on nice days, we take her out to stretch her legs but she has a leaky radiator right now so we cant go to far. Just seeing her under her carport makes me so happy!

Not long after we got her, we were asked to be a part of the documentary "The Impala" that Adam Brooks is doing. That was amazing experience! One day I would like to be able to take her to conventions and share her with the fans, but if we dont get her done before the conventions stop, I will still love her. She is a regular attendee at my Backyard Bunker Parties and loves to give fan girls a ride! Supernatural has brought me many great friends and memories and Ruby is the icing on the cake!

Ruby's Journey on Facebook
Maupins 67 impala public photo.jpg Maupin Family, Texas My oldest daughter became a fan of the Supernatural show and by the age of 14 had already fallen in love with the 67 Impala, dreaming of having one someday. I had owned and rebuilt a 67 Camaro as my first car and was a push-over for the idea if my daughter was serious. I was also very aware of the significant cost and time it would require. In early 2015, I found and bought two cars, a donor sedan and the rarer 4 door hardtop to accurately replicate Dean’s Baby. It has been a treasured time to have my own father, my 16 year old, and I all working side by side on our Impala project. We’ve made good progress already and plan to be driving it daily by next summer.
Ericbatesimpala6.jpgSupernatural-Impala-Fan-Car Eric-Bates1.jpg Eric Bates, California My dad and I spent more time together building this car then we had probably spent collectively over the past 40 years. Literally. It changed the nature of our relationship—we were never “not” close, but it seems different because of the concentrated time we spent building the car. We really got to know each other. I absolutely could not have done this without him—that goes without saying. He has skills that I just don’t have. But I also would not have wanted to do this without him. I could have dropped the car off and paid someone to do everything we did. Doing the build with him, the way we did it (one excruciating weekend after another) was something I’ll never forget and wouldn’t change for the world. The first drive together was awesome, but the journey to get to that point was way more awesome in retrospect. Feature article on Eric's and his Impala at Sweatpantsandcoffee.
Stephencornell1.PNG Elena & Alan from Warwickshire, England. Elena has been a massive fan of Supernatural since it started and introduced Alan to the show. We both have a love of classic cars and as the ’67 impala is such a great car we decided to take the plunge and look for one.

We bought our impala in the UK on 23rd June 2015. The previous owner had imported it from the USA in 2014. As he was unable to restore it, so he decided to sell it.

Since owning her she has been stripped down and restored to make a faithful replica of Dean Winchesters car. She has been restored to a very high standard and will be completed in September 2015.

Metallicar UK website

Metallicar UK facebook page

Rachelghostimpala-1.JPGRachelghostimpala-2.JPG Rachel Cummings,


I identified so much with Supernatural with Dean that when my old car stopped working it popped into my mind that I should look into getting a '67 Impala. I found one that matched everything I was looking for in Tennessee. So I scraped the money together and my sister and I flew down and picked it up. We had the tires changed, replaced the rubber tubing and the side mirror and we drove Ghost all the way from Nashville, Tennessee to Vancouver, BC. It was a Supernatural Road Trip. We stopped through small towns specific to the show - like Hibbings, MN and Sioux Falls, SD - and we visited locations that were supposed to be haunted - like The Bell Witch Cave.

When we finally made it to Vancouver, we went to as many old filming locations as we could and stayed in hotels that doubled as filming locations. Then we got a tip from an anonymous source that told us where they were currently filming the 200th episode. I made my sister, Janelle Wight, drive there because I was having a panic attack from the excitement. We parked right out front of the school and met the other fans who had found the location. Jared Padalecki stole an EMF prop and brought it over to us to show us how it worked and then saw the car, which he seemed pretty excited about. He signed the underside of the trunk because it was the only place that I could think that I didn't have to repaint or replace a part - it's also where the weapons cache will be, which is a fitting spot for an autograph.

My favorite thing about him are his brights. You turn them on by pushing a button on the floor with your foot. I am also very fond of the location of the gas tank. You fill up by pulling the license plate at the back down.

Now I've developed a love for classic cars. Much to the annoyance of my partner, I point them out whenever I see them and I make him go to all the car shows with me.

Ghost is featured on this blog, which has a pretty cool picture of him outside of the Terry Fox Theatre in Port Coquitlam where the 200th episode 10.05 Fan Fiction was filmed.
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Gil McKinney and Renegade at Geek'd Con 2015 Lisa and Adam Diamont The Most Important Object in Pretty Much the Whole Universe Facebook Page


The huntress.jpg Ryan Blackwood, Queensland Australia I been searching for 2 years for the right car and finally found her in a shed of a deceased estate where she had been sitting untouched for 21 years. All original and one of the few right-hand drive Australian-delivered 67 Impala's to make it into the country. Immaculate interior (red) and very clean and rust free. I am restoring her for my son Hunter, who will get her when he turns 17 (mine in the mean time!).

I spent countless hours hunting down (excuse the pun!) the rare parts to make her show accurate (at least on the outside), including bumper guards, corner lights and correct wheels and tyres. Most part have to be flown in from the US with other parts coming from around the world. My wife and I are big fans of the show and have been from Season 1. We are now introducing our daughters and son to the series and are proud and privileged to have a small piece of SPN fandom that we can show. She is being painted (Tuxedo Black) as we speak.

Huntress 67 Impala on Facebook
Stephencornell1.PNG Stephen Cornell, California