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Name Flagstaff
Actor Kaaren de Zilva
Occupation Angel
Episode(s) 9.22 Stairway to Heaven


Flagstaff is an angel, who has taken to using her vessels name as her angelic name is eighteen syllables long. She works in a hospital with a small group of angels, where they perform minor miracles to save human lives.


9.22 Stairway to Heaven

Dean questions Flagstaff after an angel named Oren, kills himself in the name of Castiel, as they worked together at the same hospital, performing minor miracles. During the questioning, Flagstaff takes an antagonistic tone towards Dean, telling him that she does good in the world while all he is is a killer. Dean stares at her calmly and then leaps to his feet and throws the table between them aside in one swift movement. He throws Flagstaff and her chair backwards but catches them before they hit the ground and instantly has an angel blade to her throat, and wants the names of any friends Oren had, for which she gives him the names Constantine and the reaper Tessa.