Flying Dutchman

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Flying Dutchman

According to folklore, the Flying Dutchman is a ghost ship that must ravel through the ocean forever and can never go back to home, or to port. Often spotted from far away, the Flying Dutchman glows with a pale, ghostly type of light. If hailed by another ship, her crew will often try to send messages to land, to reach the deceased.

Pad of Definitions (1.13 Route 666), Official Website

1.13 Route 666

Dean: You know, I was thinking. You heard of the Flying Dutchman?
Sam: Yeah. A ghost ship infused with the captain's evil spirit. It was basically part of him.

3.06 Red Sky at Morning

Sam: Well, there are apparitions of old wrecks sighted all over the world. The S.S. Violet, the Griffin, the Flying Dutchman – almost all of them are death omens.

  • Sam refers to The Flying Dutchman as an example of a Ghost Ship.

Flying Dutchman in Lore

On July 11, 1881, at approximately 4:00 a.m., the Flying Dutchman was sighted by crew members on board the H.M.S. Inconstant, including the future King George V of England. She was also seen by personnel on board two other ships nearby (the Tourmaline and the Cleopatra).

The Prince described her as a brig which emitted a "strange phosphorescent light as of a phantom ship all aglow". Since it is considered a most ominous sign to have seen the Dutchman, it is interesting to note that the sailor who first spotted her was killed in a fall on board ship and the admiral himself died shortly after this event.[1] [2]