Fossil Butte Cemetery

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Fossil Butte Cemetery.


Fossil Butte Cemetery is an old cowboy cemetery in Southern Wyoming's Great Divide Basin which was in use between 1864 and 1901. It is the cemetery that lies in the center of the 100-square mile devil's trap built by Samuel Colt. The railway lines were made of cold iron and at each of the five points were abandoned frontier churches to further ensure that it was demon-proof. The Devil's Gate in Wyoming appears in the back of the cemetery in the guise of the Colt Mausoleum and can only be opened by the Colt. After Jake Talley opened the crypt and released Azazel's demon army, the devil's trap surrounding the cemetery was broken.


The map of the giant devil's trap.

2.21 All Hell Breaks Loose: Part One

Ash is able to discover the truth about the devil's trap surrounding the cemetery. He calls Dean and tells him that he found something huge, but he hangs up, telling him that he needs to show him in person. Ellen also gets a call from Ash, telling her to look in a warded iron safe in the basement of Harvelle's Roadhouse. Before Ash can tell them what he's learned, the Roadhouse is burned to the ground along with every hunter inside, including Ash.

2.22 All Hell Breaks Loose: Part Two

Bobby tells Sam and Dean that multiple demonic omens have recently occurred at every point of the continental U.S., except for one place in southern Wyoming. After Ellen arrives at Singer Salvage Yard, having been out getting pretzels when the Roadhouse was destroyed, she shows them a map of southern Wyoming that Ash left in the safe with the locations of the frontier churches that were built by Samuel Colt. After discovering that Azazel was after something in the cemetery, Sam, Dean, Bobby, and Ellen head out to stop him.

The Devil's Gate in Wyoming being opened by the Colt.

After being convinced to follow Azazel's plan in exchange for royalty, Jake Talley makes his way to the cemetery to use the Colt to open the crypt, where he is stopped by the group of hunters. Jake uses his psychic abilities to make Ellen turn her own gun to her head, threatening to make her fire if the others don't lower their guns. They comply and allow Jake to open the mausoleum. After Dean and Bobby turn the gun away from Ellen, Sam shoots Jake Talley repeatedly until he is dead; however they have to take cover since the door has been unlocked, unleashing hundreds of demons and spirits into the world. The resulting shock wave destroys the five churches surrounding the cemetery and the iron lines are broken, allowing the demons to escape into the world and Azazel to enter the cemetery.

Spirits and demons begin escaping Hell.

Sam, Bobby, and Ellen proceed to seal the gates before any more demons come through. Dean was able to recover the Colt before the crypt was opened and he realizes that the last bullet is still in the chamber. After Azazel arrives, Dean tries to kill him with the gun but Azazel summon it to his hand and telekinetically throws Dean onto a grave, while Sam is flung onto a tree when he rushes over to save Dean. Azazel, after taunting Dean about making a deal to bring Sam back to life after Jake killed him in Cold Oak, South Dakota, decides to kill him with the Colt, but John Winchester's spirit, also released from Hell, is able to distract Azazel by ripping him out of his meatsuit. Azazel wrestles John off of him and returns to his body, but he was distracted long enough for Dean to retrieve the Colt and shoot Azazel in the heart with the final bullet, killing him. Bobby and Ellen are able to seal the crypt and they witness John's spirit look over Azazel's dead body, share one last moment with his sons, and finally pass onto Heaven. After killing Azazel, Dean leans over to his body and tells him "That was for our Mom, you son of a bitch." They all leave the cemetery, leaving Jake's body and Azazel's meatsuit where they died.

3.03 Bad Day at Black Rock

Kubrick visits Gordon Walker in prison and tells him that the devil's gate was opened in Wyoming. He shows him a map of the railway lines surrounding the cemetery and he describes it being as big as Mount St. Helens.

4.22 Lucifer Rising

It is revealed that Azazel had to create the Special Children and use the strongest to open the devil's gate to release Lilith so she can break the 66 Seals and free Lucifer from his Cage.

6.18 Frontierland

In 1861, Samuel Colt appears to be working on the railway lines surrounding Fossil Butte Cemetery.


  • The Great Divide Basin is seen on the map bearing the locations of the five churches. Despite the fact that the Great Divide Basin is seen on southeastern corner of Wyoming, Fossil Butte, which is a national monument, is on the other side of the state in southwestern Wyoming.
  • Samuel Colt is seen working on the railroad lines in 1861 to surround the cemetery, but the dates on the entrance date it as far back as 1864. It can be assumed that the cemetery was placed there after the crypt was built to further conceal its secrets.
  • Sunrise, Wyoming is revealed to be 20 miles away from where Samuel Colt was working on the railway lines by the postal road. 6.18 Frontierland takes place in 1861, however; Sunrise, Wyoming didn't exist until 1898.

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