George (Rabid)

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Name George
Actor Trevor Roberts
Dates  ???? - 2015 (killed by the Darkness)
Location Superior, Nebraska
Occupation Rabid
Episode(s) 11.02 Form and Void


George was an inhabitant of Superior, Nebraska who became rabid the morning after the Darkness was released.


11.02 Form and Void

George wanders the streets of Superior, walking past the dead bodies that had succumb to the Darkness. He suddenly hears a voice in the distance and begins following it, until he reaches the origin, a cell phone playing a film in bucket. Sam appears behind him and asks if he can speak, George replies with a confused "what?" before Sam hits him with his homemade taser, knocking George unconscious.

Sam takes George back to the hospital where he restrains him on the floor with chains, and tries to question him. George refuses at first, but relents to Sam's questioning in exchange for a pudding cup. While George eats his pudding he tells Sam what he knows about the disease, that despite being further along he was only turned that very morning, and that is no rhyme or reason to the sickness, only that eventually everyone ends up the same -- going psycho and dying. When Sam tells him he will fix "this," George lashes out and tells him it's a waste of time, telling Sam he'd be better off shooting him in the head, and eating a bullet himself.

Sometime after their discussion, George finally succumbs and dies to the sickness.