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!colspan=2 style="text-align:center; font-size: larger; background-color:{{{bgcolor}}}; color:{{{fgcolor}}};" | Gods
|'''Powers and Abilities''' || Superhuman Strength and Speed, Teleportation, Telekinesis, can Assume Human form and Longevity
|'''Vulnerabilities''' || Varies
|'''Appearance''' || Can take on human appearance
|'''Episode(s)''' ||
Gods are the ruling divine beings of a religion, directly representing the dominant authority of a religion. In Canon, the deity of the Abrahamic religion, commonly called [[God]], seems to serve as the primary power in the Universe. Although his continuing silence and lack of intervention has led to war and other conflicts between organisms. Due to the as of yet unknown nature of the [[God]] of Supernatural, it is difficult to make exact comparisons of their role and overall abilities.
Kali describes her disgust for Westerners by accusing them of butchery and right to leadership in their own [[God]]'s name. She also states that she and the other Gods were on Earth before [[God]], or that their religions were practiced before his. Odin stated that the "real" Apocalypse will start when Midgard Serpent Jörmungandr rises up and Odin himself will be consumed by a big wolf. Although he was killed by [[Lucifer]].
While Gods are often thought of as immortal, in Supernatural even the Gods can be killed.
* Sam and Dean kill the Pagan Gods disguised as [[Madge and Edward Carrigan]], Sam kills the [[Leshii]] and Dean kills [[Zao Shen]] and [[Veritas]]
* [[Lucifer]] kills [[Baldur]], [[Ganesh]] and [[Odin]]
* [[Death]] declares that one day he will kill [[God]]
Throughout the Supernatural series, there have been many Gods encountered in the Supernatural Universe include:
* [[The Vanir]] (Pagan)
* [[Trickster]] aka [[Loki]] ("Norse")
* [[Madge and Edward Carrigan]] (Pagan)
* [[Leshii]] (Pagan)
* [[Kali]] (Hindu)
* [[Ganesh]] (Hindu)
* [[Odin]] (Norse)
* [[Baldur]] (Norse)
* [[Mercury]] (Roman)
* [[Zao Shen]] (Chinese)
* [[Baron Samedi]] Haitian Voodoo)
* [[Veritas]] (Roman)
==Powers and Abilities==
Their powers and abilities vary greatly depending on the type of deity. They don't possess immortality. Although, all Gods can exist and live for long periods of time - at least centuries and more.
[[Trickster]]s, a type of Demi-God, can alter reality. They all can make objects, people and other average organisms appear out of thin air. The only known way to harm or kill one is to stab them with a wooden stake which has been dipped in blood of one of their own victims.
Gods like [[Baldur]], [[Ganesh]], [[Odin]] and [[Zao Shen]] seem to possess extraordinary strength and are all able to assume human form<sup>[[5.19 Hammer Of The Gods]]</sup> The Page Gods disguised as [[Madge and Edward Carrigan]] actually live as a suburban couple<sup>[[3.08 A Very Supernatural Christmas]]</sup>
Some Gods, along with possessing average abilities that appear to be inherent in all Gods, possess unique powers - [[Kali]] can produce fire, [[Leshii]] can shapeshift and move at incredible speeds. [[Mercury]] can also move at incredible speeds. The [[God]] can teleport people anywhere on Earth without being physically present. The [[God]] also is well known for creating the entire Universe and everything in it. [[Veritas]] can cause any human to utter terrible or normal truths. Although, Sam while soulless can withstand this power.   
Other pagan gods are able to influence the weather and vegetation positively and negatively as well. Like [[The Vanir]], who could cause growth and health of the crops and like [[Madge and Edward Carrigan]], who gave mild weather. Both seemed to be able to perform these in exchange for human sacrifices and their influence vanished in the lack of thereof.
*See also [[Pagan]]
*[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paganism Wikipedia entry on Paganism]
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