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Powers and Abilities Superhuman Strength and Speed, Teleportation, Telekinesis, can Assume Human form and Longevity
Vulnerabilities Varies
Appearance can take on human appearance



Gods are the ruling divine beings of a religion. The major deity featured in Supernatural is that of the Abrahamic religions (Christianity, Islam and Judaism) who is referred to as God.

Gods are the deities which are represented in Supernatural in which their origins are separate from other Gods depending on the particular type of deity. Due to the as of yet unknown nature of the God of, it is difficult to make exact comparisons of their role and overall abilities.

Kali describes her disgust for Westerners by accusing them of butchery and right to leadership in their own God's name. She also states that she and the other Gods were on Earth before God, or that their religions were practiced before his. Odin stated that the "real" Apocalypse will start when Midgard Serpent Jörmungandr rises up and Odin himself will be consumed by a big wolf. Although he was killed by Lucifer.

While Gods are often thought of as immortal, in Supernatural even the Gods can be killed.

Throughout the Supernatural series, there have been many Gods encountered in the Supernatural Universe include:

Powers and Abilities

Their powers and abilities vary greatly depending on the type of deity.

They don't possess immortality. Although, all Gods can exist and live for long periods of time, more specifically for centuries.

Demi-Gods or Tricksters can create virtually anything out of thin air. The only known way to harm or kill one is to stab them with a wooden stake which has been dipped in blood of one of their own victims.

Gods like Baldur, Ganesh, Odin and Zao Shen seem to all possess powers and abilities that are quite similar to each others, like: Superhuman Strength and are all able to assume human form.

However Gods like Kali, Mercury and Leshii all possess unique powers that most other Gods don't possess (Kali, Fire Generation), (Mercury, Superhuman Speed) (Leshii, Shapeshifting).

Other pagan gods are able to influence the weather and vegetation positively and negatively as well. Like The Vanir, who could cause growth and health of the crops and like Madge and Edward Carrigan, who gave mild weather. Both seemed to be able to perform these in exchange for human sacrifices and their influence vanished in the lack of thereof.