Grandma Goldy

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Name Grandma Goldy
Actor Maureen Thomas
Dates  ???? - 2011 (killed by Margaret Fox)
Location Lily Dale, New York
Occupation Psychic
Episode(s) 7.07 The Mentalists


Grandma Goldy was a psychic in Lily Dale and the grandmother of Melanie Golden.


7.07 The Mentalists

Grandma Goldy is holding a seance with a man and woman around an Ouija board. While the man rolls his eyes at the whole prospect, the curtains move, prompting the woman to tell Goldy she feels something. Goldy tells the couple they are going to make contact now, and they need to rest their hands on the planchette. As Goldy closes her eyes and tilts her head upwards she asks the spirit if it is Uncle Danny. The planchette moves towards “Yes” on the Ouija board, prompting more skepticism from the man. Goldy takes her hands away from the Ouija board and the woman follows suit. She then asks Danny to knock twice if he is with them. There are two knocks, causing the woman to smile happily. Goldy continues asking questions of Danny and gives satisfactory answers to the woman. The man becomes agitated and asks about important papers that Danny left behind. Goldy asks the couple to place their hands on the planchette once more. As the man reaches out for the planchette, the lights flicker and electricity crackles; the fire in the fireplace roars, then dies out. Believing Danny to be angry, the woman, Cynthia, asks the man to apologize. The planchette starts to move and darts across the board to "No." When their breath becomes visible, Goldy stands up. The planchette rises into the air, turns, and stabs Goldy in the throat, killing her.