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Powers and Abilities
Appearance Varies; Can appear as a blinding white light or blue-ish white smoke when manifesting on earth outside of a vessel
Episode(s) 10.20 Angel Heart
15.11 The Gamblers

There were hundreds of us, but now... each of our names inscribed on our swords. A brotherhood of perfectly crafted, engineered beings sent to protect you pathetic, bottom-feeding disasters.

Tamiel, 10.20 Angel Heart


Grigori were watcher angels, some of the first placed on Earth to watch and protect humanity. They were an elite unit that turned rogue and were thought to have been wiped out. However, a handful survived and hid on Earth, feeding off of human souls.

In 2020, the remaining Grigori are targeted by a resurrected Jack Kline as part of Billie's plan for Jack to become strong enough to kill God. According to Kabaiel, the last Grigori targeted by Jack, the young Nephilim wiped out the last of his kind in his hunt. Kabaiel is killed by Castiel while rescuing Jack, leaving their kind extinct.


Powers and abilities

  • Angel radio – The Grigori had their own frequency of angel radio that allowed them to privately communicate with each other.
  • Healing – Like all angels, the Grigori were capable of healing as well as returning any ailments to a human.
  • Super strength – Their strength exceeded that of humans and regular angels.
  • Soul consumption – The Grigori were able to slowly siphon souls from bodies for their consumption. According to Tamiel, a human soul can last for years, decades even, if properly kept.
  • Teleportation – The Grigori appeared to have been unaffected by the Fall, as Tamiel was shown capable of teleportation.


  • Angel blade & sword – An angel blade or a Grigori's own sword were capable of killing them like any other angels.
  • Nephilim – Being a nephilim, Jack Kline can kill Grigori using his powers, but he relies solely on his skills as a hunter to wipe out the last of their kind.


10.20 Angel Heart

A Grigori by the name of Tamiel has been in hiding on Earth since God ordered the extermination of his kind, taking on various different aliases and feeding on the souls of humans. When Claire Novak is injured while trying to track her missing mother down, Dean, Sam, and Castiel join her in her search. As they begin to discover what happened to Amelia Novak, Tamiel begins covering his tracks, first by killing Ronnie Cartwright, a blind man he healed in exchange for recruiting people to feed on.

Following up on the name "Peter Holloway" that Dean and Castiel learned by interrogating Ronnie Cartwright before his death, Sam and Castiel track him to an abandoned farm outside of town. As Sam and Castiel split up to search the grounds, Sam is knocked out by Tamiel. When Sam comes to, he is confronted by Tamiel, who reveals that he is a Grigori.

When Dean and Castiel arrive and search the farmhouse, they encounter Sam, and he and Dean tell each other that Tamiel is actually a Grigori. Castiel explains the history of the Grigori and how they were wiped out long ago, but Sam explains that some survived and have been feeding on human souls. Later, Tamiel engages in battle with the Winchesters and Castiel, ending with Claire Novak killing Tamiel with his own angel sword.

15.11 The Gamblers

While investigating a series of strange murders committed by a resurrected Jack, Castiel discovers a Grigori angel sword that leads him to realize that the young Nephilim is targeting Grigori and eating their hearts. Before killing him, Jack forces Sariel to call out over angel radio in order to lure another Grigori, Kabaiel, to him. However, Kabaiel captures and tortures Jack. The Grigori reveals that in Jack's hunt, he has killed the last of his kind. Jack taunts the angel, saying that the previous Grigori he killed disguised himself as a doctor and consumed the souls of people who came to him to be healed, while Kabaiel targeted young children. Jack reveals that Death has been revealing to him each of his targets' actions, before Kabaiel is killed by Castiel.

Jack later explains that he has been eating Grigori hearts as part of Billie's plan for him to become strong enough to kill God Himself.

Grigori in Lore

In Christian mythology, the Grigori are said to be "watcher angels" who were dispatched to Earth by God to watch over humanity. According to the Book of Enoch, these watcher angels soon began to lust for human women and proceeded to procreate with them, creating a race of giants known as nephilim, who pillaged the earth. The Grigori also went on to teach humanity various skills and forbidden knowledge, such as the creation of weaponry, and sorcery. Eventually, God had seen enough and cleansed the Earth with a Great Flood, killing the nephilim and most living creatures, save for Noah, his family, and the animals that were on his ark. For their role, the Grigori were bound in chains in the valleys of the Earth, to be kept in darkness until Judgement Day comes.