Hand of Glory

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Hand of Glory.

The Hand of Glory is hand of a murderer, removed while he is on the gallows and then pickled and dried. When used with candles made from the fat of a murder, it was said to render people unable to move. It was also said to able to unlock any door, thus making it useful for thieves.


3.06 Red Sky at Morning

Bela steals the Hand of Glory from the Sea Pines Maritime Museum. It is haunted by a vengeful spirit whose hand it belonged to in life. The Sailor’s Ghost was hanged for treason on the Espírito Santo captained by his brother; thus he takes vengeance on people responsible for the death of family members every 37 years. Sam and Dean planned on burning the hand to dispatch the ghost, but Bela stole it from them and sold it to a buyer right before the spirit targets her.

14.13 Lebanon

While visiting a pawn shop, Terry shows the Winchesters a Hand of Glory amongst his collection. After killing him, Sam and Dean take the Hand of Glory along with the rest of his collection of occult objects to the Men of Letters Bunker.

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