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See also [[Angel Garrison]]
See also [[Angel Garrison]]
See also [[The Host of Heaven]]
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Yeah, well if this is the Skymall, then it sucks. Where's the triplets and the latex, you know? Come on, a guy has needs.

Dean, 5.16 Dark Side Of The Moon

Heaven in Supernatural has been mentioned in relation to where God and Angels reside.

Angels are able to communicate with their Vessels from Heaven. Castiel proved this when he was talking to Jimmy from Heaven asking for his permission to possess him. Jimmy's response was yes "as long as my family will be safe". All angels have superiors (angels who hold more power and authority than the lower-ranking angels). Angels can be summoned back to Heaven by their superiors. Anna is now dead. Michael incinerated her entire body till it turned to pure ash. This happened in episode 5.13 The Song Remains The Same.

After Castiel turned Anna in, she immediately experienced the Judgment of Heaven (Anna was disciplined and tortured). Castiel also faced "Heaven's persuasion" as he called it as he was dragged back when he was about to tell Dean that the angels were actually intent on starting the apocalypse instead of stopping it. Cas was set free after he promised to follow orders (a promise he ended up not keeping). Anna some-how escaped heaven, but Cass says no one escapes unless they are let out.

It has been stated that Angels draw their Angelic powers/abilities from Heaven. Shortly after Castiel's rebellion, he was cut-off from most of his angelic powers.

In episode 5.22 Swan Song, Castiel was destroyed by an enraged Lucifer. God revived Castiel and also enhanced his angelic capabilities. Castiel could very well be an Archangel as of now (due to his promotion and his newly granted power). Castiel in now the Viceroy of Heaven. He says that Heaven has become an anarchy with Michael gone. It could be noted that at the end of episode 5.22 Swan Song, God (Chuck) was writing and than all of the suddenly and unexpectedly He vanished into a strong aura of light. One could assume that He decided to return Home. However this is still classified as being unknown.

See you gotta stop thinking about Heaven as one place – tis more like a buttload of places, all crammed together.

Ash, 5.16 Dark Side Of The Moon

In 5.16 Dark Side Of The Moon, Sam and Dean are killed and find themselves in Heaven. They find themselves moving along the "axis mundi" from one happy memory to another. When they meet Ash, he explains that everyone has their own “heaven”, and at the center of all of them is “the garden”. Most people can’t leave their own “heaven”, although Ash has worked out a way to do so. He says that some people do share their Heaven - people who are soulmates. According to Ash, angels currently run and manage Heaven and the people in it.

Other people Ash has met in heaven are Johnny Cash, Andre the Giant, Einstein, Pamela and Mallanāga Vātsyāyana who wrote the Karma Sutra.

See also Angel Garrison See also The Host of Heaven