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Name Heddy
Actor Gillian Vigman
Location New Canaan, Connecticut
Episode(s) 10.06 Ask Jeeves


Heddy is the sister to Beverley and cousin to Bunny LaCroix.


10.06 Ask Jeeves

Heddy takes an immediate interest in the Winchester brothers when they arrive to the LaCroix estate, going so far as to slap Dean on the ass, and insinuate a threesome. After Stanton is killed, Heddy is the first to cast accusations at his wife Amber, citing the fact that she sleeps around, and the prenup with Stanton meant she would get nothing in a divorce.

She is later seen sitting on a couch with her sister Beverly looking through a dating app, when Sam comes into the lounge and begins flirting with them in an attempt to test them to see if they are shapeshifters. While he is being felt up, he is able to touch them with a piece of silverware, which confirms to him that neither is the shapeshifter.

After the death of Detective Howard the family gathers in the lounge, where Olivia reveals to them that she was Bunny's daughter, and has been the one killing off people in the mansion. Before she can kill Heddy and the rest of the family, Sam and Dean are able to put a stop to her.