Hoyt Rawlins

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Name Hoyt Rawlins
Actor Matt Barr
Location Austin, Texas(in jail)
Occupation Outlaw
Episode(s) 1.03 Bobble Head 1.06 Bar None 1.11 Freedom 1.13 Defend The Ranch


Hoyt Rawlins is best known for being an outlaw that also seems to have a good heart that only certain people can see. Hoyt had a tough upbringing with his own family. Hoyt knows how to hustle , cheat, lie, and steal from people and will most of the time get his way. He has a friendship with Cordell Walker, which in the past he has saved. Hoyt has become an "honorary" member of the Walker family. Cordell's mother, Abeline Walker has always been on his side no matter how much trouble he gets himself into. Hoyt just returned to Austin and has all ready tested Cordell right away as he was part of a arms deal and Cordell had to be the one with Mick's assistance to catch him and lock him away. He has had a romance with Geri Broussard in the past. Cordell's children, Stella and August Walker have an affection for him as he is referred to as "Uncle Hoyt". Hoyt is usually up for a challenge.