Hunter's Lingo

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“Hunter’s Lingo” is the name given to any ‘code words’ or hunting references used between the boys. Below is a collective list of the phrases used on the series, and their meanings (please feel free to add and/or edit phrases as need presents);

Hunter's Lingo

“Funky Town” – “It’s a real funky town” (Dean, Hunted)

The codeword, ‘funky town’, is apparently used between the brothers when one is held at gun point- i.e. Dean in “Hunted”.

“Five-o” – “Dude, five-o. Take off.” (Dean, Pilot)

Another codeword- ‘five-o’- is used by Dean in the Pilot when spotted by the police officers outside the motel—told to Sam in order to alert him of the police.