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Dean looks after Sam in 1.14 Nightmare

Heck, this series is one long Hurt-Comfort story.

Henry Jenkins comments on Supernatural, Confessions of an Aca Fan

A hurt/comfort (or h/c) story is one in which one character is injured (either physically or emotionally) and the other takes care of them. Often the point of the story is provide a setting in which the characters can reveal and demonstrate an emotional connection previously concealed or repressed.

H/C stories may be focused more on the comforting than the hurt. In a Slash story, this will often lead to sex, and possibly the use of the Magical Healing Cock.

Some stories will focus more on the hurt aspects of the trope. The darker of these will often subject the main character to extreme forms of abuse, sexual assault or torture.

In Supernatural, the show itself and the universe it has built offer many opportunities for the characters to be shot, stabbed, thrown against walls, choked, cursed or tortured by angels or demons. All the main characters also suffer some degree of emotional anguish much of the time. In addition, fanfic very much likes stories where characters suffer illness which may range from the common cold to cancer, or loss of senses or limbs.

Stories are usually classified in terms of who is the subject i.e. hurt!Dean, limp!Sam or whumped!Castiel

In RPF, circumstances most commonly involve emotional distress, mental illness, or diseases. A wider range of situations occur in RPF AUs.

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