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Name Ion
Actor Josh Kalender
Dates Before humanity – 2013 (killed by Castiel)
Occupation Angel
Episode(s) 8.21 The Great Escapist


Ion is an angel who worked for Naomi but became a double agent for Crowley.


8.21 The Great Escapist

Ion is sent by Naomi with Esper to capture Castiel and retrieve the angel tablet. Castiel had been hiding by choosing a different Biggerson's to go to when they got close, leaving them unable to locate him. Under orders from Naomi, they murder everyone in a Santa Fe Biggerson's location to lure him there, except the waitress Kara whose eyes Ion burns out before giving her a message for Castiel: "You have to stop." They catch him, and Naomi arrives.

Ion is sent to search every Biggerson's for the tablet unsuccessfully. When he returns, Crowley shows up and shoots Castiel in the abdomen, Esper in the neck, and Ion in the shoulder with a gun loaded with bullets made from a melted down angel blade. He tries to shoot Naomi but she disappears. They teleport with Castiel to Crowley's headquarters.

Crowley reveals that he knows where the angel tablet is, that he thinks that having realized its proximity protects him from Naomi's control, Cas still has the tablet with him. Crowley reaches inside Castiel's gut and pulls out the tablet.

Crowley orders him to watch Castiel when he goes to confront Kevin Tran. Ion reflects about how the angels have been mind-controlled and memory-wiped for a long time, and it was apparent he was miserable and frustrated with the situation. Castiel digs the bullet out of his wound and, catching Ion by surprise, kills him by shoving the bullet into his eye.


  • Ion and Castiel act as if they know each other from prior experience, and Ion looks away in sympathy when Crowley and Naomi hurt Castiel. Castiel mentions their "charge" of watching over Earth, indicating they may have at one point shared the same assignment.