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Name Jack Kline
Actor Alexander Calvert
Dates May 18, 2017 (born)
Location Lebanon, Kansas
Occupation Nephilim
Episode(s) 12.23 All Along the Watchtower
13.01 Lost and Found
13.02 The Rising Son
13.03 Patience
13.04 The Big Empty
13.06 Tombstone
13.09 The Bad Place
13.14 Good Intentions
13.20 Unfinished Business
13.21 Beat the Devil
13.22 Exodus
13.23 Let The Good Times Roll

Our powers can be good. We can do good in this world.

– Jack Kline, 13.09 The Bad Place


Jack Kline is the Nephilim son of Kelly Kline and Lucifer. He was conceived when Lucifer inhabited the body of President Jefferson Rooney, with whom Kelly was having a relationship. Angels believe that Nephilim are abominations that can destroy worlds upon growing into their full power; as Jack is the son of Lucifer, it is believed he will also be a force of great evil. However, after the Nephilim, while in utero, gives Castiel a glimpse of the future, Castiel believes Jack will bring peace and paradise to Earth.

Following his birth, the Winchesters take him in, both to keep watch over him in case he is evil, and to use him to access the Apocalypse World where Mary is trapped. Sam is able to connect with him since they both know what it feels like to have a darkness inside. Jack initially sees Castiel as his father but when told that Castiel is dead, he became emotionally attached to Sam instead. After being slow to accept Jack, Dean eventually declares him a member of Team Free Will.[1] , and Jack sees the Winchesters as a family. [2]

Jack ends up in Apocalypse World after he and Kaia together open a portal. He is captured by Michael, but he escapes along with Mary and they join the human resistance.


The offspring of a human and an archangel, Jack Kline is believed to be more powerful than the average Nephilim, as the amount of cosmic energy that went into his conception was powerful enough to be felt by all the angels in Heaven and Earth and the cosmic shock wave was even detected by the British Men of Letters and Donatello Redfield. Castiel stated that he cannot imagine the power resonating within him. Unlike run-of-the-mill Nephilim who have silver eyes, Jack has gold irises with white sclerae and visible pupils. According to the lore, as Jack grows into his powers, he will become more powerful than his angelic sire, Lucifer.

Jack reveals to Sam that through his connection with his mother, he was able to learn the English language and that life would be dangerous for him. With this knowledge, Jack made the choice to expedite his growth upon birth into young adulthood. He also says that he chose Castiel as his father, rather than Lucifer, because of his mother's promise that Castiel can keep him safe.

Powers and Abilities

As a Nephilim, Jack is one of the most powerful beings in Creation; however as the son of a human and an archangel, Lucifer himself, Jack's power far exceeds that of any Nephilim. It has been stated numerous times that Jack possesses unimaginable power and according to his father, his power is "a chip of the old ball of heavenly light". Doctor Hess claimed the child could destroy the whole universe. The Angel Miriam stated Jack could do "almost anything". The prophet Donatello, who has been in the presence of God, Amara, and Lucifer, initially mistook Jack for God when sensing his power, as it was "not dark, not toxic", unlike Lucifer's, yet still very powerful. Even before he left the womb, Jack was able to grant Seraph Castiel the power to effortlessly overpower and incinerate Prince of Hell Dagon and force Prince of Hell Asmodeus to flee when enraged. It was eventually revealed that, according to Nephilim lore, Nephilim become stronger than the angel who sired them, meaning Jack will eventually become more powerful than Lucifer himself, his angelic sire. His power is so great he was able to awaken Castiel, who had been sent to The Empty, a place that God is said to have no power over. Most recently, Asmodeus described Jack as a entity of immense power, and the angels state Jack may be powerful enough to produce new angels, something that hasn't been done since God created the original angels. Following his use of telekinesis to stop Buddy, Jack gains a greater control over his powers, particularly telekinesis. In The Bad Place, Jack has a more advanced control and use of his powers after practicing with them. Jack also has very common angelic traits such as the ability to hear "angel radio" and prayers sent to him directly.

In Let the Good Times Roll, Jack had his grace extracted and absorbed by Lucifer, leaving Jack powerless.

  • Healing - From the womb, Jack was able to heal Kelly Kline's slit wrists and massive blood loss. While empowering Castiel, he also healed the angel's injuries from the fight with Dagon in a matter of seconds.
  • Precognition - Jack, from the womb, was able to see a vision of the confrontation between Castiel and Dagon at Heavenly Portal which he was able to share with Kelly.
  • Advanced Reality Warping - Under the influence of a disguised Asmodeus, Jack was able to open a Hell Gate to release the Shedim. However, this required Jack's full concentration and when his concentration broke, the Hell Gate closed.
    • Resurrection - At the same time he healed his mother's injuries, he resurrected her. However, Miriam indicated that, despite his vast power, Jack is not powerful enough to resurrect Castiel as he is "all the way dead".
    • Power Granting - From the womb, Jack was able to temporarily empower Castiel to the point that he was able to overpower and kill the Prince of Hell Dagon.
      • Super Strength - While empowering Castiel, he granted him enough levels of superior strength to effortlessly overpower the Prince of Hell Dagon, who had easily beaten Castiel while he was only using his seraphim powers.
      • Advanced Power Negation - While empowering Castiel, he granted him the power to render Dagon completely powerless.
      • Advanced Pyrokinesis - While empowering Castiel, he granted him the power to burn Dagon, the Prince of Hell, to ashes.
      • Invulnerability - Jack was able to protect Mary from the suicide bomb spell of Kevin Tran using his wings.
    • Advanced Portal Creation - Jack's birth was able to open a rift into an alternate reality. Jack later experimented in attempting to open a door to rescue Mary from the alternate reality, but determined that while he could feel around, he needed a dreamwalker in order to be able to see the realm. When combining his powers with Kaia like this, due to her flashing between Mary and the Bad Place, Jack transported everyone to three different locations: Kaia to a roadside, himself to Mary and the Winchesters to the Bad Place. This effort also opened a rift to the Bad Place though not to Apocalypse World. Zachariah said Jack is strong enough to open a portal big enough to march an army through.
    • Advanced Telekinesis - Jack was able to send out powerful blasts of telekinetic energy strong enough to knock two people unconscious at once. When Jack did this, visible waves of energy emanated out of him. In a moment of pain, Jack accidentally threw a tattoo artist across a room. This happened without the visible waves of energy, indicating that Jack can use both forms of telekinesis. In order to save Sam's life, Jack blasted Buddy across a room with a telekinetic blast emanating from his hand while deflecting a bullet just by looking at it. Following this, Jack gained control of his telekinesis, using it to levitate a pencil and creating a small shock wave to knock Sam, Dean and Castiel out. However, when Jack attempted to use it to help against Dave Mather, he accidentally caught a security guard in the blast as well and killed him. When Jack uses his ability to produce a blast or shock wave his eyes glow gold but not when he used it in a more controlled manner like when he lifted the pencil. When confronted by two hostile angels, Jack was able to hit one with a telekinetic blast so hard she went flying through a glass window and then a brick wall. He was also able to force another angel to stab himself with his own angel blade. Jack's telekinesis is so powerful that he was able to blast the archangel Michael right off his feet.
    • Highly Advanced Biokinesis - Jack was able to inflict pain on Michael that damaged his vessel and brought him down to his knees a feat never seen before even Lucifer was shocked.
    • Rapid Aging - Soon after birth, Jack willingly accelerated the natural aging process of his body to quickly become a young adult.
    • Electrokinesis - Jack's labor caused a power outage. In his normal state, he also able to effect the works of machinery and electricity, such as lamps and a vending machine. When scared, he also can cause electricity to go haywire.
    • Terrakinesis - When Jack becomes enraged at Asmodeus harming the Winchesters and Donatello, his anger causes the ground to shake.
    • Thermokinesis - Jack was able to heat up the bars in the window of Michael's fortress to the point that they melted.
  • Teleportation - Jack displayed the ability to teleport after being upset by a conversation and wanting to be away from it. He was later able to use this ability leave the Men of Letters bunker on purpose. When he teleports, Jack is shown to have the sound of wings flapping like an angels. Lucifer said he and his son can go anywhere in the Universe.
  • Highly Advanced Telepathy - Jack showed the ability to telepathically call out to Castiel who could hear Jack even in the Empty. Even the Cosmic Entity was surprised how could something wake Castiel in his domain. Later, by touching his hands to Derek Swan's head, Jack was able to see everything that Derek saw with his powers. However, using this power on Derek caused the veins in his face to glow. Jack later used this ability in the same way to show the Winchesters and Kaia Nieves what Derek had seen of the alternate universe and their mother. When Sam prayed to Jack, he was able to hear Sam's prayers like an angel would.
  • Enhanced Stamina - Jack once stated that he does not sleep a lot, but unlike an Angel still requires sleep.
  • Supernatural Concealment -  When Jack does not want to be found, his powers are subconsciously concealing him from other beings. This was shown by the fact that Asmodeus was incapable of tracking his whereabouts.
  • Invulnerability - Unlike other Nephilim, Jack is completely invulnerable against an angel blade. Jack had stabbed himself in the chest several times with a butcher knife and not die as such damage would kill any ordinary human. However, Jack can still feel pain, as shown when he flinched and reflexively threw a tattoo artist because of the pain from the needle. He can also be knocked out and injured by blunt force trauma to the head as any ordinary human. When shot twice by Dean to get his attention, Jack suffered no visible harm and was shocked more than anything by the action.
    • Immunity - Despite his angelic heritage, Jack is immune to angel banishing sigils when not even his father Lucifer is immune to the sigils. He is also immune to most angel warding though very powerful warding can dampen his abilities.
    • Regeneration - He was able to easily remove an angel blade from his chest and quickly healed the wound in seconds. After getting two tattoos, both healed in seconds to the point that there was no sign that they had ever existed. After Jack stabbed himself several times in the chest with a butcher knife, his wounds healed in mere moments.
  • Sedation - Like an angel, Jack can put a person to sleep with just a touch.
  • Super Strength - Jack possesses inhuman strength sufficient to rip off the doorknob of a door that was triple-locked without even realizing it. In physical combat, Jack has been shown to effortlessly throw opponents around and almost strangled a young man to death with just one hand while enraged.
  • Molecular Combustion - When Jack and Kaia combined powers to open a rift to an alternate reality, Kaia's screams caused them to emit a glow that caused six nearby angels to turn to dust. After lifting Zachariah into the air with telekinesis, Jack was able to cause Zachariah to explode simply by clenching his fist. By sending energy pulses similar to his telekinesis into the air, Jack caused three more angels to explode in mid-air.
  • Illusion - To entertain some kids, Jack was able to alter the shadow puppet shapes he was making to look like whatever he wanted.
  • Astral Projection - Jack was able to project his awareness into Michael's fortress to discover that it was in fact empty. He also can show his wings.
  • Localization - Jack was able to locate his father and Castiel at the camp.
  • Highly Advanced Mind Control - Jack was able to make Lucifer tell the truth against his own will.



12.08 LOTUS

Castiel senses a massive surge of celestial energy and discovers that a Nephilim has come into being. Sam, Dean, and Castiel realize that the Nephilim is the spawn of Lucifer. After abducting Kelly, they explain that Kelly is carrying Lucifer's child. At first, she doesn't believe them, but after she places her hand on a Bible, it bursts into flames. When Castiel takes Kelly to a diner after they exorcise Lucifer from President Jefferson Rooney, Kelly tricks Castiel into believing that she is going to the bathroom and escapes. She later calls Castiel and tells him that she can't get rid of her baby, stating that she is its mother and it's her child before hanging up.

12.13 Family Feud

Crowley tells Lucifer that Sam and Dean have taken care of Kelly's baby, but Lucifer reveals that he is able to sense its heart and power, confirming that it's still alive. Elsewhere, Kelly is confronted by two angels, but she is saved by Dagon, who confirms that Kelly's baby is going to be a boy when it is born. She states that nothing is born evil and tells Kelly that she doesn't have to run anymore and that her child could bring salvation to the world. Kelly agrees to let Dagon protect her and her baby until it is born.

Jack shows some abnormalities in his sonogram.

12.17 The British Invasion

Kelly, after experiencing some pain, demands that Dagon takes her to a doctor. He performs an ultrasound of the baby; he notices something unusual, but Dagon telepathically instructs the doctor to tell her that "everything looks a-okay." After Dean takes Kelly and tries to convince her that she can't have the baby, she tells them that she loves the child and refuses to get rid of it. When Dagon appears to take her away, she willingly goes with her. Later, Dagon chains Kelly to a bed and tells her that she cannot be trusted. Kelly tries to explain that she was worried about the baby, but Dagon bluntly tells Kelly that the baby will be just fine and that birthing a Nephilim is always fatal for the mother.

12.19 The Future

After spending a few days refusing to eat, drink, or bathe, Dagon forces Kelly to take her pills and tells her that her son will be born and bring an end to all no matter what happens to her, and that she should take a bath. Kelly, realizing what Dagon said may happen, attempts to kill herself, despite her love for her child. After she dies, the Nephilim revives her. Dagon eventually discovers what happened and tries to explain the baby saving her as an act to save himself and reminds Kelly that she will die when he is born. After this, Kelly is influenced by the powers of the Nephilim and believes that her son is not evil and will bring paradise to the world. After Joshua tracks a disturbance caused when the Nephilim revived Kelly, Castiel, Kelvin, and Hozai are able to track Dagon down. After Hozai is killed and Kelvin is captured, Castiel escapes with Kelly.

After exhausting the information they have on Nephilim, Sam is able to determine that it will be born on May 18. He realizes that since Nephilim are merely human souls infused with angelic grace, removing the grace could render the Nephilim human so that Kelly and her baby wouldn't have to die.

After communicating with Joshua, Castiel tries to bring Kelly to Heaven's Gate. Kelly tries to convince Castiel to let her baby be born, believing that it could lift the world to its feet rather than bring it to its knees. She explains how she tried to kill herself and how the baby was able to bring her back, but Castiel explains that her revival was not proof of goodness and he asks who will keep the baby on the righteous path when she is gone. Kelly asks him if he wants to feel the baby kick, but when Castiel puts his hand on her belly, he experiences a vision introduced by the Nephilim.

Sam and Dean are able to catch up to them and explain that they have a plan to render the baby human by removing its grace, but Kelly refuses to let them do it since she wants her baby to be born with all its powers. While waiting in the Impala for Sam and Dean, Kelly takes the keys and drives away from the motel, believing that Castiel will be able to take care of her baby when she is gone.

After arriving at the playground, Joshua is swiftly killed by Dagon. As she is about to kill Castiel, Kelly takes hold of his hand; through this connection the Nephilim transfers its power to Castiel temporarily and allows him to incinerate Dagon, killing her. Castiel, influenced by the Nephilim's power, decides to leave with Kelly to allow her child to be born. When Sam and Dean try to stop them, Cas knocks them out and they drive away in his truck. When Kelly asks what Castiel saw, he tells her the Nephilim showed him the future.

Jack Kline is born in an explosion of white light.

12.20 Twigs & Twine & Tasha Banes

Dean talks to Sam about how the Nephilim was able to mess with Castiel's mind, despite not being born yet.

12.23 All Along the Watchtower

Castiel and Kelly prepare for the Nephilim to be born by renting a house in North Cove, Washington, purchasing a truckload of diapers, and preparing its room. Kelly even gives him a name: Jack. She makes a video for Jack to watch after she dies, telling him how much she loves him. When she feels a contraction, she unknowingly releases a bit of the Nephilim's energy, which makes a rift to an Alternate Universe.

While Sam, Dean, Castiel, and Crowley deal with Lucifer, Kelly finally gives birth to Jack in an explosion of light that renders Mary unconscious. When Sam notices the light coming from the home, he goes to check on Kelly, only to find her lying dead in her bed. Hearing a noise, Sam goes to investigate. He sees footprints scorched into the floor leading to Jack's nursery, where he finds an already adult-looking Jack huddled in the corner, smiling as his eyes glow gold.

Jack displays his power against Sam and Dean.

13.01 Lost and Found

"My mother, she said Castiel, he would keep me safe. She said the world was a dangerous place. That's -- that's why I couldn't be a baby or a child. I That's why I had to grow up fast. That's why I chose him to be my father. Where is he?"

Sam tries and talk to Jack, who asks if he is his father. Sam tells Jack he is not his father, and is still attempting to speak with Jack when Dean arrives and shoots at Jack, narrowly missing him. Jack becomes angry and in self defense begins screaming, causing a pulse of energy to emanate from his body that blows out all the windows in the house and freezes Sam and Dean in the air before jettisoning them back into the wall, knocking them unconscious. Jack leaves the house and wanders the woods until he comes across a Pirate Pete's Jolly Treats, and asks at the drive-thru for his father. Seeing that he is naked and confused, an employee, Clark Barker, calls his mother, Sheriff Christine Barker, to deal with the situation. Sheriff Barker arrives to find Jack still standing in the parking lot. Seeing the sheriff's gun, Jack initially takes a defensive stance until Sheriff Barker assures him she only wants to help him.

At the Sheriff's Department, a now fully clothed Jack begins absorbing his new surroundings while Sheriff Barker tries to get information out of him. Jack is only able to tell her that his mother is in Heaven and that he is looking for his father. Jack is then fingerprinted, and sits with Clark who asks what Jack is on. Jack tells him he isn't stoned, but that he is hungry. Clark takes Jack to the break room, where Jack tests out a new power that allows him to get free food from the vending machines; he becomes a big fan of nougat. Soon after showing this ability to Sheriff Barker, Jack begins picking up angel radio, which causes him great discomfort. When Sheriff Barker tries to stop him from leaving, Jack loses control and sends her flying into the vending machines. As he tries to leave the station, he comes face to face with Dean, but before Jack can do anything Sam hits him with a stun gun, rendering Jack unconscious.

Sam and Jack are placed in a holding cell, while Dean explains the situation to the sheriff. When Jack comes to, Sam apologizes to Jack and explains he didn't want to hurt him. Jack tells Sam he was scared of the voices he was hearing, which caused him to lose control. Jack tells Sam that he doesn't know if he can open another rift, and that he needs to find his father, who will protect him. When Sam tells him Lucifer doesn't do that, Jack corrects him and tells him that Castiel is his father, because his mother told him that Castiel would keep him safe. He also explains that through his mother, he knew the world was dangerous and chose to mature into adulthood immediately after his birth to protect himself.

A trio of angels lead by Miriam arrive at the station; two of the angels are able to locate Jack in the holding cell area. When they try to take him, a fight ensues, ending with Sam banishing them. The action of the sigil causes Jack momentary discomfort. Miriam enters the holding cell area, but is flanked by Sam and Dean. Feigning that she is giving up, she tells Sam that if the angels can't have him, no one will and drives her angel blade into Jack's heart. After Sam kills her in retaliation, Jack drops to his knees and pulls the blade from his chest. To Sam and Dean's shock, he is fine.

In the aftermath, Sam and Dean decide to take Jack with them back to the Men of Letters Bunker, but before going home, the trio go and give Castiel and Kelly a funeral pyre.

13.02 The Rising Son

"Yes. I understand. Pain is a part of the complete human experience. Accepting it is a sign of maturity."

After Sam is able to talk Dean into taking a break, the three stop at a motel. While Sam and Dean ward the room and get food, Dean suggests Jack do some reading, tossing him a copy of the Bible. While eating their meal, Jack begins to mimic Dean, much to Dean's annoyance. Jack goes on to question Sam and Dean about Lucifer, whom he read about in the Bible. Sam soon shifts the subject and begins questioning Jack about his powers, asking if he can teleport. When Dean asks him how Jack would get from the couch to the other side of the motel door, Jack simply stands up and walks out the door then knocks on it before re-entering with a smile. Soon the prophet Donatello Redfield arrives, telling Sam and Dean he followed an intense power signal to their location and thought God may be with the Winchesters. Donatello is introduced to Jack, and he tells the Winchesters the energy radiating off of Jack is nothing like the dark and toxic energy of Lucifer's. Sam and Dean conclude that if Donatello could find Jack then others will be able to, so they take Jack to have protective symbols tattooed. Jack has a violent reaction to the tattoo needle touching his skin, but after being told to suck it up by Dean, Jack is able to get the protective tattoos without further incident. Unfortunately they disappear as soon as they are completed due to his healing powers. While leaving the tattoo parlor, they are spotted by a demon who relays their location to Asmodeus.

Back in the motel room, Sam, Dean, and Donatello quarrel over Jack’s actions, with Dean's anger causing Jack to get upset and accidentally teleport himself outside to escape the conflict. Sam eventually finds Jack sitting in an alley and comforts him by explaining that Dean’s aggressive behavior is the way his fear manifests itself, and that Dean is just looking to protect Jack, as well as other people from Jack due to his powers. Sam tells Jack that just like Kelly and Castiel did, he has faith in him.

The next morning, Sam is alone in the room going over lore on nephilim when Donatello enters to talk about Jack. Donatello asks Sam if he has any idea how strong Jack will be and Sam confides in him that the lore suggests that a nephilim will become more powerful than the angel that sired them. When Dean comes back to their room, Sam tries to explain why he should give Jack a chance but they are interrupted by Donatello entering to discuss Jack, causing them to realize that the previous Donatello was a fake. Upon further investigation, they realize that Jack is missing and are ambushed by two demons. Meanwhile, the fake Donatello has taken Jack to a field in Jasper, Wyoming, and is using Jack’s powers to open a Hell Gate to release the shedim by telling him that they are a force for good that need to be saved.

Sam, Dean, and the real Donatello read John's journal on their way to find Jack and realize where he has been taken. They reach him in time to see the shedim beginning to emerge. Dean shoots the fake Donatello, causing him to morph back into Asmodeus who uses his demonic powers to choke Sam, Dean, and Donatello. Despite trying to persuade Jack to join him, the fact he is hurting Jack’s "friends" brings out his anger, forcing Asmodeus to flee.

Finally home, Sam and Dean sit in the Bunker's kitchen discussing Asmodeus and the fact Jack saved them. Dean leaves but on the way to his room hears a strange noise and discovers Jack repeatedly stabbing himself in the chest with a large knife. Dean’s mask of indifference slips slightly and he snatches the knife from Jack while chastising him for being an idiot. Jack asks Dean what he is and says that he is afraid that he will hurt someone. Dean explains that Sam believes Jack can be saved, whereas Dean does not and that when the time comes, it will be Dean who kills Jack.

13.03 Patience

"And maybe he should. Mom said I could be good, that I had the choice to be good, that it was up to me. But she’s dead, because of me. I’ve only been on earth for a few days and I’ve already hurt people. I’ve already done bad things, and no matter how hard I try I can’t… I can’t do the one good, stupid thing you want me to. So I must be evil, like Lucifer."

At the Bunker, Sam gives Jack a thumb drive left for him by his mother and explains that perhaps what he will see will help him to answer some of his questions. Jack presses play on the video his mother made for him before her death and his birth. As Sam leaves Jack's room he receives a call from Missouri Moseley asking for help. Sam tells Dean about the call and that he has asked Jody Mills to investigate. Dean becomes angry and says he has no intention of putting Jody at risk to stay and look after Jack.

With Dean off to help Missouri, Sam tries to train Jack to control his powers. Telling Jack that he needs to learn to focus, he gives Jack the simple task of moving a pencil with his mind, but Jack isn’t able to move it. Seeing Jack's frustration, Sam decides that they should take a break. As Sam goes to get some food for them both, Jack continues to try desperately to move the pencil.

After many attempts, Jack becomes upset and slips away. Realizing Jack has disappeared, Sam in a panic goes to look for Jack and finds him sitting in a corner. Jack tells Sam that he believes he must be evil because Dean thinks he is evil, since he can't even do a simple good thing by moving the pencil. Sam tells Jack he knows what it feels like to not fit in and have a darkness inside. He crouches in front of Jack and pulls him to his feet, kindly saying that his family -- Dean and Cas -- helped him through his troubles and now he wants to help Jack. They decide to forgo the training for the time being.

When Dean returns from the hunt he was on with Jody, Sam confronts him about his behavior towards Jack. Sam tries to draw a comparison between him drinking demon blood and Jack, telling Dean that Jack deserves to be saved now just as much as he did then. Dean becomes angry and calls Jack a freak that he could hardly look at, which Jack overhears. Sam and Dean continue arguing about the losses that came from Jack's birth, with Dean directly blaming Jack for Castiel’s death. As Jack listens he repeats Castiel’s name and his eyes glow gold.

Castiel is lying face down in the ominous, black void of the Empty. Upon hearing Jack say his name, he awakens and slowly sits up, looking around himself in puzzlement.

13.04 The Big Empty

"Sam thinks you were right, that—that I’m good. He wants me to believe it, and I wanna believe it, too. It’s just, I… I’ve hurt people. I didn’t mean to. It was an accident. And I know I should feel bad, and I say I feel bad, but most of the time, I mostly… I don’t feel anything. And that’s why I think maybe… Maybe I’m a monster."

Sitting in his room, watching Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Jack is approached by Sam to come with him and Dean on a hunt. Jack declines, revealing he knows Sam is using him to be his “interdimensional can opener.” Sam admits this and apologizes to Jack, telling him about the rift to Apocalypse World and how Mary got trapped on the other side. He says he hopes that Jack could reopen it and bring her back, but if he can't it's okay. Jack shifts the conversation to Dean, telling Sam that Dean wants to kill him. Sam assures Jack that he won't let Dean hurt him, and that the best thing for him to do to get on Dean's good side to put in the effort and come on the hunt. Jack relents and agrees to come along.

Arriving at the Bailey house in Madison, Wisconsin, Jack is told by Dean to stay in the Impala while he and Sam interview a neighbor. Jack, however, soon leaves the car and enters the Bailey house to investigate the spot of the murder, telling Sam and Dean he is trying to help. Sam uses the EMF meter, and explains how the meter works to Jack. When the meter shows no traces of ghost activity, the trio head to the cemetery to see if they are dealing with a ghoul.

Arriving at Erica Bailey's grave, Dean has Jack dig up her body. Upon unearthing the casket, they find Erica's body undisturbed. Thinking they may still be dealing with a ghost, Dean salts and burns the corpse. Jack questions if his mother may have become a ghost; Sam tells him that they burned her body and that what gets burned, stays dead.

With Mia Vallens' help, Jack speaks with his "mother."

The next day, Sam and Dean discover all the recent victims were patients of Mia Vallens, a grief counselor. Going to her practice, the three pose as brothers seeking Mia's help in dealing with the loss of their "mother." When Sam discovers Mia is a shapeshifter, she is able to convince them she hasn't killed anyone and realizes her former partner, Buddy, is the probable suspect. Believing Mia's assistant, Tom, could be Buddy, Dean and Jack go to check out if he's the shifter while Sam combs through surveillance footage where he finds Buddy posing a patient. Dean and Jack return to Mia's after Sam has left to check out this lead. While Dean calls his brother, Jack asks Mia to talk alone. In her office, Jack shows Mia the video Kelly made for him and asks if she could take her form so he could see his mother in person. Mia agrees and tells Jack to close his eyes while she changes. When he opens his eyes, Jack begins crying and calls out "Mom" to Mia and hugs her. He tells Mia how he thinks he may be a monster, but Mia tells him it doesn't matter what he is, only what he does and that even monsters can do good in the world. After Mia changes back, Jack thanks her as Buddy, appearing as Dean, barges into the room, picks up a fire poker, and knocks Jack unconscious. Restraining both Jack and Dean, Buddy orders Mia to kill them both or die. When Mia refuses to kill them, Buddy is about to shoot her when Sam arrives. Shifting focus, Buddy mimics Dean's voice and calls Sam into the room. When Buddy takes a shot at Sam, Jack's powers manifest, deflecting the bullet before it hits Sam, and hitting Buddy with a blast of celestial energy, allowing Sam time to kill him.

Back at the Bunker, Dean approaches Jack and tells him he did good, leaving Jack with a smile on his face.

13.06 Tombstone

"No, you don't… Every time I try and do something good, people get hurt. I thought I was getting better. I'm not… I don't know what I am, but I know I can't make the world a better place, not like this. I can't even do one good thing. And I know that if I stay, I'm gonna hurt you. All of you. And… I can't. You're all I have."

Sitting at a computer as Sam and Dean return to the Bunker, Jack asks Sam how things went. As Sam pauses to answer, Castiel walks into the room and meets Jack for the first time. Shocked that Castiel is alive, believing burning his body meant he would remain dead, Jack is asked if he brought Castiel back. Jack is unsure, only able to tell them that he wanted and begged for Castiel to come back. Castiel thanks Jack, who tells Castiel how he missed him as the two embrace. After telling him he is doing well, an excited Jack demonstrates his telekinetic abilities by making a pencil float in the air with ease, before revealing to the three that he also found a case involving a grave robbing that may be about a zombie. When asked where he learned to seek out cases, Jack tells Dean that he learned it from watching him and Sam and goes on to relate the facts of the case to them, surmising that the dead are rising in Dodge City, Kansas. With the prospect of going to Dodge City enough for Dean, the four head out on the case.

Arriving at the motel, an excited Dean is in awe of the Western memorabilia. As Sam and Dean go and put their bags in their room, Jack offers Castiel the couch, telling him he doesn't sleep much, only for Castiel to tell him he doesn't sleep at all. As the night wears on, Jack and Castiel sit at a table and talk, with Jack telling Castiel about everything that has happened since his birth, as well as questioning him about Heaven and whether his mother is there. Castiel tells Jack that Kelly was a brave woman and apologizes to him for not being there for him when he was born. Jack says he understands why his mother trusted him and why he did as well, telling him he felt safe around Castiel in his mother's womb. As Castiel tells Jack that Kelly believed he would do great things for the world and how proud she would be, an alert on the computer goes off, indicating a murder. Jack in his excitement goes to wake up Dean; Castiel tries to warn him, but is too late as Jack is able to jostle Dean awake, who pulls his gun from under his pillow and trains it on Jack. Realizing what is going on, he puts the gun away and asks who is making his coffee. With Sam and Dean awake, Jack tells them how the victim had bite marks, believing that it could be a zombie, which Dean dismisses as proof of anything with teeth.

Later that morning, Jack joins with Sam as they investigate the cemetery where the grave robbing happened. Sam and Jack enter the basement of the mortuary, startling the undertaker Athena Lopez. Introducing themselves as FBI, Sam questions Athena while Jack looks around, chiming in with questions about cold spots and flickering lights. As Sam and Jack go to check out the robbed grave, Jack uses an EMF meter in the graveyard causing it to react, but Sam tells him not worry about it. Getting to the grave, Sam soon realizes that they are dealing with a ghoul and meet back up with Dean and Castiel to relay the news.

Jack unleashes his power on Sam, Dean and Castiel.

While looking at traffic camera footage of the stolen truck from that morning's crime scene, Dean recognizes the man as famed Western outlaw Dave Mather and Jack is able to also identify him as Athena's boyfriend, having seen a picture of him with her at the mortuary. The four drive to Athena's where Sam and Dean learn Dave has gone to the bank. They race to the bank, arriving just as Dave has robbed it and is preparing to flee. When a gun fight breaks out, Jack attempts to help. He takes two shots to the chest from Dave, which does not deter him. With a smile, Jack continues forward, sticking his arm out and releasing a blast of energy that sends Dave flying back, while also inadvertently knocking a nearby security guard into a pillar, fracturing his skull. Realizing what has happened, Jack, Castiel, and Sam race to the security guard. Castiel attempts to heal him, but he is unable to before the guard dies. In the aftermath, Dean suggests that Sam and Cas take Jack back to the Bunker while he deals with the ghoul. On the drive back to Lebanon, Castiel attempts to assure Jack that the security guard's death was a mistake. He relates that he has killed innocent people in the past, but that it doesn't mean Jack should stop fighting, telling him they still believe in him. Jack, distraught, tells Castiel to just "stop."

Dean returns and reveals he killed Dave and smoothed things over regarding Jack and the security guard. An angry Jack interjects, asking if the guard had a family. When Sam tries to calm him, Jack begins to question if he really is a monster. Dean tells him they've all done bad things, so if Jack is a monster so is everyone else. Jack retorts that every time he has tried to do something good, people have gotten hurt. Believing he can't make the world a better place the way he is now, and not wanting to risk hurting Sam, Dean, or Castiel, Jack decides to go off on his own. He raises his hand and apologizes before he sends out an immense shock wave, knocking Sam, Dean, and Castiel down and blowing the lights in the room before teleporting away.

13.09 The Bad Place

"I left to try to get a grip on my powers. I wanted to prove to you that I'm good, to do one good thing. So I did the thing you wanted the most. I experimented opening doors to other worlds. I could almost do it. I could get right to the edge. But I couldn't see. I could only feel around in the dark. I needed eyes. A seer."

Jack pays a visit to artist Derek Swan in Bismark, North Dakota, under the pretense of purchasing art. Jack quickly reveals his true intent, telling Derek he knows he is a dreamwalker and wants his help. Derek initially refuses until Jack offers to pay him. As Derek prepares to visit Apocalypse World for Jack, he begins losing his connection until Jack channels some of his energy into Derek, allowing him to see Apocalypse World as well. The strain starts to become too much for Derek, who screams in pain, causing Jack to stop. Realizing he isn't strong enough to help Jack, Derek gives him the name of Kaia Nieves, a powerful dreamwalker who may be able to help him.

At a rehab facility, Jack introduces himself to Kaia, who is immediately able to tell Jack is lying about his cocaine addiction and attempts to leave. Jack tells Kaia about Derek and how he directed him to her, and asks for her help, telling her he can get her out of the facility. Kaia agrees and Jack leads her out, rendering a counselor unconscious with a touch, to Kaia's shock. Making it outside, Kaia attempts to leave; when Jack attempts to stop her, she fights back. As Sam and Dean arrive on the scene, Jack is distracted which allows Kaia to kick him to the ground. She then proceeds to punch him on the jaw and run away, leaving Jack baffled. Sam and Dean begin questioning Jack about Derek Swan's death; Jack explains how he needed a dreamwalker to guide him to alternate universes. He goes on to reveal that Mary is alive, showing Sam and Dean a vision of what he saw while dreamwalking with Derek.

As the three begin their search for Kaia, Jack is hit with angel radio and tells Sam and Dean that Kaia has been caught by angels. They locate Kaia and the angels at a warehouse, where Jack fights off the angels, sending the female angel across the room and saving Dean by forcing the male angel to stab himself with his angel blade. With Kaia freed, Jack tells her that they will protect her, and that he was planning to take Kaia to the Wind Caves, a place where the walls between worlds is thinnest. Kaia once again refuses, until Dean forces her at gun point. In the backseat of the Impala, Jack apologizes to Kaia for everything that has happened, but explains that their powers can do good in the world, and shows her the Multiverse. The female angel suddenly appears and attempts to run the Impala off the road. Dean takes the group to an abandoned shipyard where the Winchesters, Jack, and Kaia take refuge from the angels in an old ship, painting warding sigils to keep them at bay. Realizing they are trapped, Kaia offers to help Jack get to Apocalypse World as the angels begin to break the warding. As Kaia begins dreamwalking, Jack places his hands on her head. As he helps guide her to Apocalypse World, Kaia begins losing her hold and slipping back to the Bad Place. As she and Jack struggle to hold their connection, a blast of energy explodes from Kaia and Jack, killing the angels while opening a rift that sends Sam and Dean to the Bad Place as Jack is sent to Apocalypse World, waking at the feet of Mary in Michael's Fortress.

13.14 Good Intentions

"I had to come back. Sam and Dean, they wouldn't run. They'd stay and fight. These angels, what they're doing, they're not gonna stop. As long as Michael's out there, this war will never be over."

At the Bunker, Jack is happy to hear the voices of Sam and Dean. He leaves his room to find Sam and Dean trapped in another room with smoke billowing out of the door. He attempts to use his powers to break the door down, but is unable to save them and is sent to the floor by his powers. Jack is then seen standing in a room in Michael's Fortress, his eyes vacant as he looks into the distance. Michael appears behind him while Zachariah is holding his fingers to Jack’s head, manipulating his mind to get Jack to open a rift. Zachariah switches tactics, changing the location of Jack's hallucination to a park where he uses Castiel's form to try and manipulate him, but Jack is able to see past Zachariah's manipulation and break free. Jack finds himself in Apocalypse World standing before Michael, who throws Jack into a wall, knocking him out.

Michael drags Jack down a hallway before dumping his unconscious body into a cell with Mary Winchester. Mary tells Jack she has seen him before. Jack tells her Sam and Dean sent him to save her. He attempts to use his powers to break them free, but the heavy warding is preventing him from using his powers. Mary is able to find a weak spot in the warding, allowing Jack to burn through the prison cell's bars.

Jack and Mary begin traversing the wasteland at night, when they come across Bobby Singer and some of his men patrolling. Recognizing Mary, and realizing she is Sam and Dean's mother, he takes them to back to his camp. Going through the camp of injured people, Jack asks what happened to them, and Bobby explains that angels have been exterminating humans. Later that night, Jack is making shadow puppets for the children of the camp, who are laughing, while Mary and Bobby converse. When Bobby learns Jack is a Nephilim, he demands that he leave the camp in the morning. He explains that the humans once believed that the angels were on their side when Lucifer and his demon army rose from Hell, but they turned on humanity and Bobby believes that Jack will turn against them in a matter of time.

Jack kills Zachariah.

When morning comes, Mary explains to Jack that they need to leave, and Jack immediately asks if it is because of him. As Mary apologizes, a siren begins to blare throughout the camp. When Mary and Jack look up, they see an angel dive-bombing into the camp, exploding near them. As they lay on the ground in the aftermath, Zachariah and two angels emerge and Jack and Mary flee. Bobby explained that the angels found out where they are since Jack used his powers. He tells Mary to help evacuate the children of the camp, while angrily telling Jack he has done enough. When Jack offers to help Mary, she tells him they can't afford the angels getting him, and tells him to hide.

As Jack runs through the woods, he begins hearing people screaming. He turns around to find Zachariah about to kill Mary. He tells him to stop, but when Zachariah ignores him. Jack lifts his hand as a blast of his power hits Zachariah. Bobby arrives as Jack raises Zachariah off the ground and disintegrates him. When Bobby warns them of more angels incoming, Jack looks to the sky. Raising his hand, he causes the angels to explode before they reach the camp. In the aftermath, Mary and Bobby both thank Jack, who explains he came back because it is what Sam and Dean would have done. He tell Mary and Bobby he realized that the angels are not going to stop killing humans, that the war will never end as long as Michael is still out there, and declares his intent to kill Michael.

13.20 Unfinished Business

"If I can't keep them safe, then what's the point?"

As Jack describes his recent victory over Balthazar's soldiers to Mary, they are surprised by the sudden arrival of Jakob, who brings the news that Michael and his forces have abandoned his fortress. Jack uses his powers to confirm Jakob's news, astral projecting to the fortress and seeing that, but for a few angels guarding the perimeter, the fortress stands empty. Jack suggests they go to the fortress to see if Michael left any clues as to what his plans might be. While Mary shows trepidation, believing it could be a trap, Jack assures her that he will keep her and everyone else safe.

Arriving at the fortress, Jack is examining a map of the United States with Michael's soldiers all gathered in the south when Jakob enters, having found Kevin Tran locked up in the dungeon. As Kevin begs for his life he reveals Michael's plan to open another rift in the south, at a place where the walls between worlds are thin.

Jack uses his wings to protect himself and Mary.

As the group debates whether or not Kevin's information is a trap, Jack asserts that he can surprise Michael and kill him. Mary attempts to dissuade Jack from leaving, telling him Bobby is only a day away from arriving, and they should wait for him. She pleads for Jack to give her one day. Jack initially agrees to stay but changes his mind, telling Mary he has to kill Michael. She once more tries to stop Jack, telling him he can't go in blind all the time and expect to not make mistakes, and that she can't lose another boy. Jack, however, promises to Mary that he'll come back for everyone. Suddenly, they are interrupted by Kevin, who reveals he was placed in the dungeon by Michael as a trap to break him. He gives Jack a message from Michael, telling him "Even if you win, you still lose," before activating a sigil carved in his chest, filling the church with a blinding light as Jack uses his wings to protect himself and Mary.

Afterwards, the burned bodies of Kevin, Jakob, and his men lay strewn all over the church. Jack blames himself for all the death, telling Mary he promised to protect them and failed. Mary attempts to comfort Jack, who simply asks her, "If I can't keep them safe, then what's the point?"

13.21 Beat the Devil

"Couldn't you bring him back? Why didn't you bring him back?!"

Jack paces behind a log, talking with Castiel, muttering to himself that Sam can't be dead. Castiel puts his hand on Jack’s shoulder but Jack shoves it away. Before Castiel can attempt to console him, Jack demands to know why Castiel didn't bring him back. He moves to Gabriel to ask the same question; Gabriel responds he is too weak, and Castiel explains that they couldn't save him.

As Dean is preparing to collect Sam's body, sirens blare in the camp and a bloodied Sam walks in. Jack's anger turns into joy, before Lucifer enters behind Sam and greets his son for the first time.

13.22 Exodus

"I need to know about my powers. My family."

Lucifer's sudden arrival causes tension throughout the camp. As Lucifer attempts to speak with his son, he is stopped by Dean who orders Gabriel to kill Lucifer. As the arguing intensifies, Jack grows agitated and teleports away to think about the situation. Remembering what his mother told him, that it is his choice to be who he wants to be, Jack returns to the camp, telling Castiel that he wants to listen what Lucifer has to say, and form his own opinions.

Jack and Lucifer attempt to bond.

He first questions Lucifer why everyone hates him. Taken slightly aback, Lucifer explains to Jack his views on humanity and how limited and corruptible they are. When Jack tells him his mother was human, Lucifer back-pedals. He says that the world needed a fall guy for all the evil that occurs, but that as he was locked away in a Cage, he couldn't have done all the things he is blamed for. As they continue their conversation, Jack questions Lucifer about God, but before Lucifer can answer, Dean puts a stop to their talk. As Sam and Cas try to dissuade him, he tells them he will never know anything about his father unless he talks to him.

As the camp makes the journey to Bobby's home, Jack tells Sam that he believes that with Lucifer on their side, they are strong enough to defeat Michael. He pleads with Sam to let him take a shot, but Sam refuses to go against their set plan of escaping Apocalypse World with the refugees.

When they arrive at Singer Salvage, Jack and Lucifer take a stroll where Lucifer tells Jack of his family, and introduces Jack to his uncle, Gabriel. Gabriel gives a curt greeting to his nephew, before telling Lucifer to stop playing the victim before he departs. Later, learning about the capture of Charlie and Ketch by the angels, Jack joins the Winchesters on the rescue mission where he uses his powers to kill the angels guarding the abandoned Gas-N-Sip.

When Bobby and the others at his camp agree to join the Winchesters in their escape from Apocalypse World, Jack attempts to stay behind to fulfill the promise he made to himself to kill Michael. Sam tries to discourage Jack from his plan, and with the help of Lucifer is able to talk Jack into leaving with the rest of the group. When they arrive at the portal, Jack is one of the first people through.

With everyone safe and celebrating in the Men of Letters Bunker, Jack sits alone, mourning the apparent death of his father.

13.23 Let The Good Times Roll

"You're not my father. You're a monster."

In the aftermath of escaping Apocalypse World, Jack joins Sam, Dean, and Castiel on a werewolf hunt. As Cas takes care of a werewolf taking a smoke break, Sam, Dean, and Jack bust through the door of the boathouse. The men’s fangs descend as they jump up out of their seats. Jack puts out his hand and holds them back as Sam and Dean shoot the men several times with silver bullets.

Back at the Bunker, Dean notices Jack having a nightmare in his room. Dean attempts to comfort Jack, telling him he has nightmares of the people he couldn't save, too. He reassures Jack, telling him that nobody is perfect and that all anyone can do is try to better themselves. Sam soon comes into the room with news from Mary and Bobby and the three meet up where the body of Maggie was found.

Believing it is his fault that Maggie died due to his promise to protect her, Jack teleports away to a gas station where a boy Maggie was seeing works, believing him to be to culprit. Sam, Dean, and Cas arrive soon after to find Jack choking the young man. When he refuses to let him go, Dean fires a few shots into Jack's back, shocking him into letting go. When Sam assures him the boy didn't kill Maggie, Jack apologizes as he begins to walk away. Castiel attempts to follow but is stopped by Dean.

Walking down a wooded area, Jack begins hitting himself in frustration for all the people he couldn't save when he is met by his father, Lucifer. Jack is surprised to see his father alive. Lucifer tells him that Sam lied about his death, but tells him not to hold a grudge considering what he has done to Sam in the past. The two begin talking, and when Lucifer suggests they go off and see the universe together, Jack is excited by the prospect, having become a fan of Star Wars in his short time on Earth. But before they depart he has Lucifer promise to do something for him, and the two teleport to the Bunker, where they are met by Mary and Bobby. Jack tells Mary they are there to help and asks Lucifer to resurrect Maggie; a hesitant Lucifer obliges Jack, and the two teleport away after Maggie is brought back to life.

Later that night, Jack and Lucifer are watching the stars as they ready to depart the Earth, when Jack begins to hear a prayer from Sam, begging for help. He quickly teleports to the Bunker where he finds Michael attempting to strangle Dean to death, and uses his powers to cause great damage to Michael's vessel. When the pain causes Michael to reveal his partnership with Lucifer, Sam also reveals that it was Lucifer who killed Maggie. As Lucifer denies the allegations, Jack uses his powers to compel Lucifer to tell the truth, at which point he gleefully admits how he murdered Maggie. Learning this, Jack rejects his father, calling him a monster, which greatly angers Lucifer. Realizing he has lost his son, Lucifer tells him he only needs his power, and slices his neck and consumes his grace. As he begins to teleport away with Jack, Sam grabs on to him and is taken along to a church.

In the church, Lucifer offers an ultimatum: He will allow Jack or Sam to walk out of the church, and give them a week to stop him, if they fight to the death now. He tosses an archangel blade on the ground, and when Sam tells Jack to kill him, Jack refuses, telling Sam he won't be able to stop Lucifer, but that Sam will. Telling Sam he loves him, Jack takes the archangel blade and begins to slowly push it into his chest. Before he can complete the task, Dean arrives, having given consent to Michael to possess him. He and Lucifer engage in battle in the church as Sam and Jack look on. When Lucifer gains the upper hand, Sam throws Dean the archangel blade, allowing him to stab Lucifer in the heart and kill him. Sam, Dean, and Jack celebrate their victory, but the celebration is cut short. Jack can only look on helplessly with Sam as Michael reneges on his deal with Dean and takes control of his body before teleporting away.


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