Jacob Karns

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Name Jacob Karns
Actor Sean Millington
Dates  ???? - 1862 (executed)
1862 - 2006 (spirit laid to rest by Dean Winchester)
Location Ankeny, Iowa
Occupation Preacher
Episode(s) 1.07 Hook Man


In 1862 a preacher named Jacob Karns was angry over the red light district in town on the Nine Mile Road and killed 13 sex workers. It was written that “some of the deceased were found in their bed, sheets soaked with blood. Others suspended upside down from the limbs of trees as a warning against sins of the flesh.” He was arrested and then executed.

It appears Jacob Karns' spirit fed off repressed emotions. In 1932 a clergyman was arrested for murder and in 1967 a seminarian killed some hippies. In the current case, Lori Sorenson's feelings about her boyfriend, roommate, and adulterous father incited Karns to attack them.


Jacob Karns' arrest records from 1862.

1.07 Hook Man

Rich parks on Nine Mile Road and attempts to make out with Lori Sorenson. However while they are making out, the spirit of Jacob Karns has been watching them from the trees. They suddenly hear a loud scratching noise, the noise of Jacob Karns' hook being dragged across metal signs. When Rich gets out of the car to investigate, he is shocked to see a scratch being made on his car out of thin air. Rich suddenly disappears from Lori's view, as the back tire of the car gets punctured and scratching and banging sounds are heard on the roof of the car. When the scratching finally stops, Lori gets out of the car and starts to run away, she turns around and sees Rich, suspended from a tree upside down above the car.

Karns next attacks Lori's roommate Taylor in her sleep. The next morning when Lori wakes up she sees a puddle of blood on the floor, which is shown to be coming from Taylor’s bed where Taylor is lying dead. On the wall near Taylor’s bed, written in blood are the words “Aren’t you glad you didn’t turn on the light?” along with a large cross with four smaller crosses surrounding it.

Dean finds Karns' corpse at the Old North Cemetery in an unmarked grave he was able to identify it because of Karns' cross symbol on it. However burning the corpse failed to stop Karns,who the attacked Reverend Sorenson while Sam is speaking with Lori. Karns appears behind the Reverend and puts his hook into his shoulder, and drags him inside. Sam gives chase, and is able to stop Karns from killing Lori's father.

Sam and Dean soon realize that Karn's spirit still manifested because the silver that made up Jacob's hook was remolded into items in the church. They quickly started burning all of the silver in the church, but Karns attacked Lori herself due to her guilt over the deaths he caused. They realized that they missed something and realized that Lori's silver cross was made from Karns' hook as well. Once Dean melted the cross, Karns was put to rest.

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