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Name Jericho
Actor Jake Etheridge
Occupation Musician
Episode(s) 1.08 Hang On to Your Life


Jericho is a musician and friend of Carlos Cervantez. At some point in the past, along with Carlos, Jericho was a part of a duo known as "Rivers Gemini and The Jericho Kid." After Carlos left the group, Jericho continued on as a solo act. Going solo was not as fruitful of an endeavor for Jericho, until one night in Nashville he came across the Norse trickster demigod, Loki, who asked him what he "would give to have the kind of music that shook people's souls?" The next morning Jericho would wake up with a flaming musical note tattooed on his arm. Playing the same set as the night prior, Jericho noticed a woman react to his music as if he was the "second coming" before she burst into flames. After the second incident of someone bursting into flames, Jericho realized he needed to sing to someone or he would get burned up instead.