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Name Jill
Actor Chelan Simmons
Dates  ???? – 2005 (killed by Bloody Mary)
Location Toledo, Ohio
Episode(s) 1.05 Bloody Mary


Jill is a friend of Donna Shoemaker who says "Bloody Mary" three times in front of a mirror. Bloody Mary kills her because she killed a young boy, Gary Bryman, in a hit and run.


1.05 Bloody Mary

Jill is sitting with Donna, Lily and Charlie when Sam and Dean question the Shoemaker sisters about their father's death.

Later Jill is talking with Charlie about the Winchesters and whether Bloody Mary really did kill Steven Shoemaker. Jill walks to the bathroom mirror and says "Bloody Mary" three times, and screams as a joke. After Jill and Charlie hang up their phones, Jill goes to her closet to finish getting changed. She opens the door, and on the inside there is a mirror, where we see Bloody Mary. She closes the closet door and goes to sit down at her vanity, where we see Bloody Mary as Jill takes her earrings out, and then her reflection again when Jill walks in front of her TV screen. Jill goes back in the bathroom to wash her face, but as she bends down to wash, her reflection in the mirror stays standing. She looks up and sees her reflection looking at her as if it were another person. Jill starts panicking as the reflection in the mirror starts oozing blood out of its eyes. She reaches up and feels blood on her own face. Her reflection tells her, "You did it. You killed that boy" as Jill falls down after seemingly being strangled to death as her reflection in the mirror watches her.