John Winchester (The Winchesters)

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For the character's history as he appeared in Supernatural, see John Winchester

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Name John Winchester
Actor Drake Rodger
Dates c.1954
Occupation Marine
Episode(s) 1.01 Pilot (The Winchesters)
1.02 Teach Your Children Well
1.03 You're Lost Little Girl
1.04 Masters of War

Mom, my entire life, I've been searching for something. And this--this is good versus evil. Saving people, hunting things. I was born to do this.

– John Winchester, 1.01 Pilot (The Winchesters)


John is the son of Millie Winchester and Henry Winchester, who disappeared when John was four. In 1970 at the age of 17, John forged his father's signature so he could enlist in the Marines. He served for two years, before returning to Lawrence, Kansas in 1972. John has always been searching for his father, but a letter he is handed my a mysterious man, from his father, informs him that Henry is dead.

John experiences traumatic flashbacks to his time in combat, particularly to when his friend Murphy was killed by stepping on a landmine.


1.01 Pilot

As he heads home after leaving the Marines, a man hands John a letter with a key in it, and disappears. The letter is from his father who has been missing for 15 years, telling John that if he receives the letter it means he is dead.

While his mother is thrilled, he is home, Millie is still angry at John for going to Vietnam. He admits to her he has no idea what he wants to do with his life. Later that night when he tracks down an address from the letter, he runs into Mary Campbell and after dispatching a demon, they find the key opens the door to a clubhouse for a group called the Men of Letters. Mary finds a schematic that her father, who is missing, told her someone called Ada Monroe told him to retrieve. John finds items belong to his father, Henry, who's was a member of the secret society.

The next day John discovers that Ada Monroe has gone missing, and so he and Mary head to Texas to investigate. At the scene they are confronted by a demon, but are saved by the arrival of Mary's friends Carlos and Latika. They find information that the schematic Mary found is a guide to opening a box that traps monsters. They also find coordinates to where the box may be.

In New Orleans, the coordinates lead John and the gang to a crypt. John and Mary locate the box but are attacked by a loup-garou. John fights it off by digging out a silver cross that was embedded in his flesh when Murphy exploded. With a silver blade Carlos has retrieved from his van, John decapitates the creature.

At home, John shares the letter from Henry with his mother. John is pumped up, he sees "saving people; hunting things" as his vocation, as it was for his father.

1.02 Teach Your Children Well

Millie is furious that John disappeared again and didn't contact her. She's been looking through the few items of Henry's that John found at the Clubhouse, and fears losing John the way she lost Henry. John is angry and storms off. Following Samuel's trail, Mary, John, Latika and Carlos investigate disappearances at a commune. The creature - La Tunda- disguises itself as Millie and visits John telling him his father never believed in him. The creature captures John and takes him to her lair where the other victims are. Mary, Latika and Carlos eventually rescue him and kill the creature. At home, John and Millie reconcile and she tells him she'll never let her leave without saying she loves him.

1.03 You're Lost Little Girl

Mary is still fixated on trying to find her dad. and John tries to get her to take a break. Kids who live next door to Mary are kidnapped and while investigating, Mary confesses to John that she has no idea of who she is or what she wants outside hunting. She enters the monster's lair to rescue the children, and must let go of some of that fear in order to escape.

1.04 Masters of War

While investigating the death at a veterans hospital, John finds his traumatic memories of Vietnam resurfacing. He and Carlos go undercover in a therapy group, which John finds very challenging. The god Mars Neto is behind the deaths of veterans across the country, and he traps John and Carlos in an illusion. Carlos steps on a landmine, just like Murph did in Vietnam. Mars Neto appears and tells John he's been searching for a vet full of rage to help him in the fight against the Akrida. He sees that anger in John. John forces a deal - he'll help Mars if he frees Carlos. Mars counters - if John can draw first blood, then Carlos will be freed. A spear materialises in John's hands and they start to fight! Neto taunts John about his father leaving, and telling him there are centuries of violence in his blood. Mars says John's scars are holding him back. and with a touch his scars, like the one where Murph's cross was embedded, disappear. After Millie is able to break the amphora that holds the god's immortality, John is able to stab the now mortal god. As he dies, Neto says John is just like him, and ready to fight the Akrida. The illusion, including the landmine Carlos was standing on, disappear.

Later that night Millie comforts John after she finds her son crouched, fully clothed, under the shower sobbing.