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Name Justin
Actor Matt Visser
Dates  ???? - 2017 (killed by Mick Davies)
Location Wisconsin
Occupation Werewolf
Episode(s) 12.16 Ladies Drink Free


Justin was a werewolf and bartender at the Lucky Badger Ale House in Wisconsin. At one point Justin was a member of a peaceful pack of werewolves that included over twenty members, but once the British Men of Letters began their expansion into the United States, his pack was one of the many they eliminated, forcing Justin and the other survivors to split up.


12.16 Ladies Drink Free

As Hayden Foster and her brother Ben walk home from a bar, Justin dons a skull mask and begins stalking the two. When Ben goes to check out a noise coming from the woods, Justin attacks and bites Hayden. When Ben reemerges and sees his sister on the ground, he rushes to check on her. As he does, a growl comes from behind, causing him to turn and see Justin dressed in black from head to toe with a white skeleton skull on the face mask. Justin lunges forward and stabs Ben in the stomach and later eats his heart.

After Hayden is found dead in her hospital, Dean and Mick go to the bar and interview Justin about Hayden; he points them to another bartender named Conner. After Sam and Claire have a fight, a masked Justin stalks and attacks Claire. A short fight ensues, where he is able to pin her to the ground and bite her, turning her into a werewolf before fleeing. Believing that Conner is the werewolf, Sam and Dean leave Claire and Mick in a hotel room while they go to put a stop to Conner, but upon talking to the boy they realize he is human. At the same time Justin barges into the hotel room, throwing Mick across the room before knocking Claire unconscious with a punch and dragging her out of the room.

Justin brings Claire to his home, where he ties her to a chair. He tells her that her friends should have let him have Hayden, explaining how she was miserable in their small town and had big plans. He tells Claire he had to see if she would survive the change first, telling a defiant Claire that when she changes it will hurt, but will be like a drug times a thousand. As Claire continues to hurl insults at him, Justin explains that he was from a peaceful pack that did not hurt humans, but once the British Men of Letters arrived and nearly wiped out his pack, he had to go off on his own. He then walks to his refrigerator and takes out a human heart and goes on to force feed it to Claire. She spits it back at Justin, and when she starts to change, Sam, Dean, and Mick burst through the door. As Justin and Sam fight, Claire breaks the ropes holding her and goes after Dean. He picks up a pan and she swats it out of his hands. Sam punches Justin and gets behind him, grabbing him around the chest, calling for Mick, who runs over and jabs a syringe into Justin's back. Justin breaks free of Sam and knocks him away. Mick attempts to move in but is thrown aside as well. Justin turns towards Dean as Claire lunges at him. Dean throws her against the refrigerator and she falls to the floor before Justin attacks and grabs Dean and throws him to the floor. As he moves toward Dean, Mick shoots him in the back. Mick runs over and helps Dean up. He then grabs the ampule he stuck in Justin's back that is now filled with blood, and loads the blood into a syringe to inject a lycanthropy cure into Claire.