Lance of Michael

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Lance of Michael.png
Lance of Michael Runes.png
Name Lance of Michael
Manufacturer Michael
Powers Can kill angels and demons.
Location/Owners Men of Letters Bunker
Episodes 12.12 Stuck in the Middle (With You)

There’s only one angel Michael wanted to kill, and he wanted that son of a bitch to suffer. Ahh, the magic. It’s all in the rune work. The craftsmanship.

Ramiel, 12.12 Stuck in the Middle (With You)


The Lance of Michael is an ancient arcane weapon created by the archangel Michael to use in his final battle against Lucifer. At some point in time, the lance came into the possession of Hell, and after the defeat of Lucifer, Crowley offered the lance and the Colt as gifts to the Prince of Hell, Ramiel, expecting him to ascend the throne of Hell. Despite not accepting the throne and offering it up to Crowley, he keeps the Colt and the Lance in his armory.

Weapon Properties

The lance has the ability to instantly kill any demons, including Princes of Hell, exploding them in a puff of smoke and ash. Angels are left to suffer slow agonizing deaths. As their bodies rot away, their flesh begins cracking, and black bile vomits from their mouths. The lance is adorned with special runes that hold its power; the destruction of these runes can reverse the effects of the lance on an angel.


12.12 Stuck in the Middle (With You)

After the defeat of Lucifer, Crowley and a demon minion pay a visit to Ramiel, offering up the Lance of Michael as a gift from Hell for his ascent to the throne. Ramiel gladly accepts the gift but encourages Crowley to take the throne instead as he enjoys his simple life on Earth.

The Lance after it was snapped in two by Crowley.

In 2017, when the Winchesters, Castiel, and Wally attempt to kill Ramiel, their attacks have no effects on the demon, who soon after entering his home notices Castiel is an angel and attacks. After throwing Castiel out his kitchen window, Ramiel follows the wounded angel as Cas tries to crawl to safety. Standing before him, Ramiel pulls the Lance of Michael from his back, seemingly out of nothing, and drives it into Castiel's side, severely wounding him. Before he can strike him with the lance again, Mary runs Ramiel over with her van and escapes with Castiel to a nearby barn.

Later confronting the Winchesters in the barn, Ramiel draws the Lance of Michael from behind his back once again and sends out a shockwave that extinguishes the holy fire surrounding him. Ramiel engages the Winchesters in combat, nearly killing Dean with the Lance. After Mary distracts Ramiel with an angel blade to the back, Sam snatches the Lance from him and stabs the Prince of Hell in the heart. Laughing, Ramiel starts to flash orange as his wound catches fire. Finally, Ramiel explodes into dust. Sam then drops the Lance to check on the dying Castiel who is beginning to succumb to his wound.

Crowley retrieves the Lance and remembers Ramiel stating that its power comes from its runes and craftsmanship. Crowley breaks the Lance in two, saving Castiel's life. When the Winchesters leave, they take the pieces of the Lance of Michael with them.


  • While the popular description of the battle between Michael and Lucifer is depicted with him carrying a sword, he is seen carrying a lance in some stories. Notably, the lance can be seen in Raphael's St. Michael Vanquishing Satan painted in 1518. A duplicate version of the painting can been seen in Ramiel's supernatural armory, hiding the warded wall safe he used for the Colt.

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