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Name Larry
Actor Corey Sevier
Dates  ???? – 2014 (killed by Alonso)
Location Stillwater, Minnesota
Occupation Co-owner of Canyon Valley Wellness Spa
Episode(s) 9.13 The Purge


Larry was the co-owner of the Canyon Valley Wellness Spa with his wife Maritza, a pishtaco. Larry first met Maritza when he was studying abroad in Peru, Larry was homesick, stressed and overweight, until he met Maritza who was able to help him by revealing her true nature as pishtaco to him. The two at some point married, and opened up the Canyon Valley Wellness Spa in Stillwater, Minnesota; as a way of both helping people and allowing Maritza to feed.


9.13 The Purge

When Larry and Maritza find out that Sam and Dean, who have infiltrated Canyon Valley, are hunters. Larry demands that Alonso leaves. Alonso then kills Larry.