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Latika - known as Lata - is a Librarian and a hunter-in-training, who was born in northern India. She has known the Campbells for some time. Lata has told her friends that are parents died years ago but her mother, at least, is still alive although the two are estranged. Lata speaks English and Urdu.

Lata loves researching lore and is fascinated by monsters and their anatomy and habits; however she is a pacifist. Lata also loves puzzles.

Lata's surname was originally announced to be "Desai,"[1] but was later changed to "Dar."[2]


1.01 Pilot

After John discovers Ada Monroe is missing, Mary takes him to the Lawrence Public Library where Latika works. While she retrieves some hunting gear from a trunk, she asks Latika is she could use the schematic she found to open the box it is for. Mary then discourages Latika from coming along. However Latika picks up Carlos and brings him along to Texas to investigate. As they arrive a demon is attacking John and Mary, until Carlos hits it with his can. He then squitsa the demon with holy water from a water pistol, puts a ring of salt around the demon, and gets John to read an exorcism. In New Orleans, the coordinates lead John and the gang to a crypt. While John and Mary head into the catacombs to retrieve the Monster Box, Carlos examines the warding on the crypt. Recognising that a loup-garou is present, he heads to his van to retrieve a silver blade. He returns to find attacking Lata, and joins in the fight until he is knocked out. Mary returns with the monster box, and drops the silver blade down a hole to John who is fighting the loup-garou. Latika uses the sequence she has deducted from the schematic to open it, whereupon it sucks the demon inside.

Back in Lawrence, Ada relates that Samuel Campbell was a looking for a way to defeat a supernatural being called the Akrida, and that there may be information in Savannah. Mary heads to leave on her own, but John insists they go together as a team - Mary, John, Carlos and Latika.

1.02 Teach Your Children Well

Following Samuel's trail, Mary, John, Latika and Carlos find zombies guarding another Men of Letters site, and Latika is fascinated by their physiology. However, when more zombies attack she finds the monster trap is no longer working. As they investigate disappearances at a commune, Latika doubts her usefulness on hunts. However when Mary thinks the creature they are after is a mimic, Latika's research indicates it is a Colombian creature called La Tunda. When Mary ignores advice from Latika, it puts John in danger and he is captured by the monster, although they eventually rescue him and kill the creature. Mary acknowledges she needs to change her ways and work as part of the team.

1.03 You're Lost Little Girl

Mary is still fixated on trying to find her dad. Kids who live next door to Mary are kidnapped. Latika is able to identify a scrap of a hessian sack left behind as coming from India, and finds out that the creature they are hunting is a Bori Baba which is the boogeyman from her childhood. She is able to get information about the monster her relatives, which helps them defeat it.

1.04 Masters of War

Latika helps on the hunt by finding the lore on Mars Neto and how to kill him.


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