Lila Taylor

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Name Lila Taylor
Actor Melissa Roxborough
Nancy Amelia Bell (Elderly Lila)
Dates 1924 (born)
Location Canton, Ohio
Occupation Waitress
Episode(s) 7.12 Time After Time


Lila Taylor is a woman who lived in Canton Ohio in 1944, and was in a romantic relationship with the god Chronos.


Sam interviews an elderly Lila Taylor about what happened in 1944.

7.12 Time After Time

Chronos travels through time by taking energy from three humans. In 1944, going by the name Ethan Snider he meets Lila in Canton, Ohio. He intended her to be his third victim, but instead fell in love with her. When he accidentally leaves her time, he kills to get the power to return to her. His killings attract the notice of Sheriff Jody Mills in the modern era, who puts Sam and Dean on the case. They find him in the same house he has occupied in various decades, and track him to an alley where he kills another victim. Dean charges him, and is pulled back in time with him to 1944. Chronos evades Dean, but his killings in this year have attracted the notice of hunter Eliot Ness, who teams up with Dean. They spot Chronos meeting with Lila, and Ness watches him at her house.

Chronos catches Ness and attacks him, but the hunter manages to get away. Dean, having been given a stake carved by vestal virgins to kill Chronos, heads to the house to meet up with Ness. Together they expose Chronos's actions to Lila.

In the present, Sam and Jody have found a spell to summon Chronos to their time. They pay a visit to the now elderly Lila who reveals that she witnessed Chronos strangling Dean in 1944, and that the clocks stopped at 11:34 that night. Sam and Jody are able to summon Chronos while he is attacking Dean, bringing both of them to the present. Sam then stabs Chronos with the stake.