Lily Shoemaker

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Lily Shoemaker3.jpg
Name Lily Shoemaker
Actor Genevieve Buechner
Location Toledo, Ohio
Episode(s) 1.05 Bloody Mary


Lily Shoemaker says "Bloody Mary" three times in front of the bathroom mirror, which caused Bloody Mary manifest and kill her father, Steven Shoemaker, because he felt he was responsible for his wife Linda's death.


1.05 Bloody Mary

Lily and two of her friends are gathered around a table with candles, playing a game of truth or dare. On Lily's turn, she chooses "truth," before going with "dare" after not liking the question she was given, so her friend dares her to say "Bloody Mary" three times in front of the bathroom mirror. Lily goes to the bathroom and puts the candle down in front of the mirror, she says "Bloody Mary" two times and the candle begins to flicker, she takes a long pause and finally says "Bloody Mary" a third time, suddenly there is a loud noise and pounding on the door, which causes Lily to shriek. Lily opens the door to find her friends, laughing, prompting Lily's father Steven to tell the girls to "keep it down."

During her father's wake, Sam and Dean arrive and question the Lily and Donna Shoemaker about what happened to their father, which leads Lily to admit it was her fault, because she said "Bloody Mary" three times in the bathroom mirror. But Dean tells her it couldn't have been Bloody Mary since her father never said "Bloody Mary."