Loch Ness Monster

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Loch Ness Monster

Nessie, a giant lake monster, supposedly inhabits Scotland's Loch (Lake) Ness. Nessie is the world's best-known cryptozoological creature and has been sighted as far back as 656 AD. Nessie is described as being anywhere from twenty to forty feet long, with two humps, a tail, and a snakelike head. Nessie's movements have been studied, and many films and photos analyzed, to determine what Nessie might be, if she exists. For the last seventy years or so, since she began receiving regular publicity, Nessie has been a major tourist attraction. There are numerous theories as to Nessie's identity, including a snake-like primitive whale known as a zeuglodon, a long-necked aquatic seal, giant eels, walruses, floating plants, giant molluscs, otters, mirages, and diving birds, but many lake monster, researchers seem to favor the plesiosaur theory. The case has occasionally been supported by indistinct photographic evidence, though a famous 1934 photograph was revealed to be a hoax.

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1.03 Dead in the Water

Sam: Loch Ness, uh, Lake Champlain, there are literally hundreds of eyewitness accounts, but here, almost nothing.

6.12 Like a Virgin

Bobby: Well, they're not like the Loch Ness monster, Dean. Dragons aren't real.

15.07 Last Call

Lee: You're chasing missing persons, huh? I thought you'd be on to something bigger by now, like the Loch Ness Monster... Bigfoot.

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