Lori Sorenson

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Lori Sorenson.jpg
Name Lori Sorenson
Actor Jane McGregor
Location Ankeny, Iowa
Occupation Student
Episode(s) 1.07 Hook Man


Lori is the daughter of Reverend Sorenson, and a student at Eastern Iowa University.


1.07 Hook Man

Rich picks Lori up to go to a party, but before they go he parks on 9 Mile Road, and attempts to make out with her. However while they are making out, the spirit of Jacob Karns has been watching them from the trees. They suddenly hear a loud scratching noise. When Rich gets out of the car to investigate, he suddenly disappears from Lori's view, and a loud banging and scratching noise begins to come from the roof of the car. When the scratching finally stops, Lori gets out of the car and starts to run away, she turns around and sees Rich, suspended from a tree upside down above the car -- revealing to her that he had been the one making noises on the roof in an attempt to get help from Lori.

At Sunday service, Lori is approached by Sam who questions her about what the police are saying happened. But is unable to give him any useful information as she believes she was just “seeing things.” Lori's father drives her back to her sorority house, and the two have a brief argument about Lori living at the sorority house, which causes Lori to get angry and abruptly leave the car. As Lori walks to her bedroom, she notices a large scratch on the wall, but pays no mind to and heads into her bedroom. As she is about to turn on the light, she sees Taylor sleeping and stops herself. As Lori gets ready for bed, Jacob Karns is revealed to be in her closet, waiting. The next morning Lori wakes up and screams at the sight of Taylor's bloody body, and sees written in blood on the wall are the words, “Aren’t you glad you didn’t turn on the light?”

When Lori notices Sam sitting outside her father's house, she goes outside and sits next to him and the two talk. Lori reveals that she feels cursed because of all the people around her dying, and her anger at her father for having an affair with a married woman. The two briefly kiss, before Reverend Sorenson comes outside to call her back in, suddenly, the Hook Man appears behind him and puts his hook into his shoulder, and drags him inside. Sam gives chase, followed by Lori. After Sam is able to stop the Hook Man from killing Reverend Sorensen, Lori bursts through the bedroom window and kneels down next to her dad.

Sam and Dean head to St. Barnabas Church in the hopes of melting down the silver made from Jacob Karns' hook and putting an end to him, when they see that Lori is sitting in a pew alone, crying. Sam approaches her and she tells her she's to blame for all this, as she felt that Rich and Taylor and her father all deserved to be punished, and they were, and is seeking forgiveness and tells Sam she deserves to be punished. Suddenly, they hear a noise, so Sam leads Lori away and opens the door to the basement. But the Hook Man is behind it and pushes his hook through the door. As Sam and Lori run down the aisle and into a back room, the Hook Man follows them and smashes the glass of another door with his hook. He swings at Sam a few times but misses. The Hook Man chases the two of them around the room and finally hooks Sam in the shoulder. He screams in pain and an invisible force drags Lori on her back across the floor. When Sam runs over to her, the Hook Man appears and knocks him backwards into a wall. He gets up and maneuvers behind the Hook Man, who is standing over Lori, when Dean enters with his gun raised and shoots the Hook Man who disappears into dust. Confused as to why Jacob Karns is still around after they destroyed all the silver, Sam notices Lori wearing a silver necklace -- a church heirloom that her father gave to her when she started school. Sam rips it of her neck and hands it to Dean who rushes it downstairs and tosses it into the fire. Upstairs Karns begins another attack on Sam and Lori, having cornered them, he looms over them, and raises his hook, when he suddenly stops with his hook in the air. The hook melts and the rest of his body burns into nothing.

As Sam is getting patched up in an ambulance, Lori thanks him for saving her and her father.