Lucifer (The End)

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Name Lucifer
Actor Jared Padalecki
Location Alternate future
Occupation Archangel (Fallen)
Episode(s) 5.04 The End

Whatever you do, you will always end up here. Whatever choices you make, whatever details you alter, we will always end up—here. I win. So, I win.

– Lucifer, 5.04 The End


This Lucifer is from an alternate reality where Sam said Yes to him for reasons unknown. With his true vessel, he successfully brought on the Apocalypse and became ruler of Earth. In an attempt to convince Dean to say Yes to Michael, he is transported to this future by Zachariah.

Dean goes to Camp Chitaqua, a group of survivors who are led by the Dean of 2014. Having recently obtained The Colt, the 2014 Dean intend to face off against Lucifer in what is akin to a suicide mission. He allows the 2009 Dean to tag along while the remaining members of the Camp at as a decoy. The group arrive in Detroit and the 2014 Dean confronts Lucifer. He is however, easily overpowered. By the time the past Dean reaches their location, Lucifer break's 2014 Dean's neck right in front of him. Turning around, Lucifer is genuinely surprised to see the other Dean, and greets him with a smile.

Lucifer speaks to Dean who questions if he will kill him but Lucifer states that would be redundant after killing his counterpart and tries to convince the past Dean that he does not wish to destroy the world, only purify it. He describes the Earth as God's last perfect handiwork. He insists that he was unfairly cast out and wishes for Dean to understand his viewpoint of things. Dean is not convinced by Lucifer's speech and tells Lucifer that he is just another monster with a bigger ego. Lucifer smiles and comments on how he likes Dean, as he understands why the others angels' like him too. He begins to leave until Dean insists he kills him now or that he will find a way to kill him. However, Lucifer states that things will always "end up here" and Dean will not say "Yes" to Michael, and they will always end up in this position no matter what. Lucifer promises to see Dean again in five years, and then teleports away.