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Name Dracula
Actor Todd Stashwick (Dracula)
Holly E. Dignard (Lucy)
Dates  ???? – 2008 (killed by Jamie)
Location Canonsburg, Pennsylvania
Occupation Shapeshifter
Episode(s) 4.05 Monster Movie


A shapeshifter driven insane by its father's abuse and seeking the glamour of movies as opposed to the drabness of normal life. The shifter liked to pose as classic horror movie monsters including: Dracula, the Wolfman, and the Mummy.


4.05 Monster Movie

The shifter, believing himself to be Dracula begins killing the residents of Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. The next night however, on a full moon, it decided to take on the form of the Wolfman and attacks a couple parked in a secluded spot, breaking through the car windshield and taking the boyfriend, Rick. The next night the shifter becomes the Mummy and attacks a security guard at the Canonsburg Museum of American History. While the Winchester investigate the museum, the shifter as Dracula confronts Jamie, telling her she is the reincarnation of his beloved, Mina. But before he can take her, Jamie sprays him with pepper spray and runs to a just arriving Dean. As the two fight, Dean is able to rip off Dracula's ear, causing him to flee on his mopad.

Realizing they are dealing with a shapeshifter, Sam goes off to find Ed Brewer, whom they believe to be the shifter, while Dean stays with Jamie at the bar. Dean and Jamie are soon interrupted by Lucy, who is invited to join the two for a drink. While drinking Dean realizes that he and Jamie have been drugged and Lucy is the shapeshifter.

The shifter takes Dean and Jamie to it's home, which he has made up to look like an old horror movie set. There he relates his story to Jamie, how he would be attacked and called a "freak" or "monster" when people found out what he was. Telling her through the movies, he found how commanding and terrifying monsters were, and how he chose to be like them. Unbeknowst to the shifter, Sam has broken into his home and unrestrained Dean. Looking for Jamie the shifter throws Sam into a wall, and declares that Dean must now die. As he is about to go for the kill, he is shot in the back by Jamie with a silver bullet. Falling into a chair, he realizes that it is the proper ending for his "movie."

The shapeshifter takes the form of the Mummy.


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