Luther Garland

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Name Luther Garland
Actor David Mattey
Dates  ???? (killed by Frank O'Brian)
 ???? – 2008 (spirit laid to rest by Bobby Singer)
Location Rock Ridge, Colorado
Occupation Buruburu
Episode(s) 4.06 Yellow Fever


Luther Garland was a huge but gentle man whose size freaked people out. After Jessie O'Brian, whom he had a crush on, disappeared, her husband Frank O'Brian automatically blamed Luther and brutally road-hauled him outside the lumber mill he worked at, killing him. Everyone knew what happened, but his murder was covered up because everyone saw him as the town freak. Luther became a buruburu, a spirit that is a manifestation of fear which kills through ghost sickness, a disease that mimics the symptoms of the ghost's death over 48 hours before eventually killing them.


Luthor Garland being "scared back to death" by Bobby and Sam.

4.06 Yellow Fever

Luther eventually infected his killer with the disease and he spread it to two other people before dying. This drew the attention of Sam and Dean and Dean got infected as well, resulting in him becoming increasingly terrified of everything around him. Needing to stop Luther and unable to burn his remains due to the method of his death having left his body-parts scattered over an unknown area as he was dragged behind the car, Sam and Bobby destroyed him by wrapping an iron chain etched in spell work around his neck and then road-hauling him behind the Impala, recreating his method of death and successfully "scaring him to death," saving Dean.

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