Madge and Edward Carrigan

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Name Madge and Edward Carrigan
Actor Merrilyn Gann (Madge Carrigan)
Spencer Garrett (Edward Carrigan)
Dates  ???? – 2007 (killed by Sam and Dean Winchester)
Location Ypsilanti, Michigan
Occupation Teutonic gods: Hold Nickar
Episode(s) 3.08 A Very Supernatural Christmas


Madge Carrigan and her husband Edward were Hold Nickar, gods of the winter solstice. At some point in time the two "assimilated" into human life for most of the year, except at Christmas where they took human sacrifices as tributes. When not taking sacrifices during the holidays, they would play bridge on Tuesdays and Fridays.


Powers and abilities

  • Enhanced agility – The Carrigans were agile enough to climb on to the roofs of their victims and drag them up the chimney.
  • Super strength and speed – They both possess a degree of enhanced strength and speed that greatly exceeds the strength of humans.
  • Weather manipulation – When they are given tributes, they bring mild weather.


  • Evergreen stake – An evergreen stake through the heart.
  • Light – When light was shone on them their true faces were revealed.
Madge and Edward preparing Sam and Dean for their ritual sacrifice.


3.08 A Very Supernatural Christmas

Madge makes wreaths out of meadowsweet, and the people who buy the wreaths are taken for sacrifices. When she and Edward Carrigan find Sam and Dean snooping around in their blood-splattered basement, they take the brothers prisoner and start their ritual preparation for sacrifice. This involves cutting them both to obtain blood. Edward pulls out one of Sam's fingernails and is about to pull one of Dean's teeth when they are distracted by the doorbell, and the brothers are able to escape their bonds. Dean stabs Edward with a branch from a Christmas tree while Sam stabs Madge with another branch, killing them.

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