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Name Maritza
Actor Anabelle Acosta
Location Stillwater, Minnesota
Occupation Pishtaco
Co-owner of Canyon Valley Wellness Spa
Episode(s) 9.13 The Purge


Maritza is a pishtaco — a Peruvian fat sucker — and co-owner of the Canyon Valley Wellness Spa with her husband Larry. Maritza first met Larry when he was studying abroad in Peru, Maritza was able to help Larry, who was overweight, by revealing her true self to him and sucking out his fat. The two at some point married, and opened up the Canyon Valley Wellness Spa in Stillwater, Minnesota; as a way of both helping people and allowing Maritza to feed. Maritza also brought up her brother from Peru — Alonso — to work in the spa, so he could learn a more civilized way of living, and learn to feed without killing.


9.13 The Purge

Alonso is tired of feeding from harvested fat, and the more he was deprived of feeding, the hungrier he got, and so began feeding on and killing people in Stillwater. When Larry and Maritza find out that Sam and Dean, who have infiltrated Canyon Valley, are hunters. Larry demands that Alonso leaves, Alonso kills Larry. After Sam reveals this to Maritza, she tells them how to kill her brother.

Afterwards, Maritza questions Sam what they told sheriff, after Sam answers her she quietly mourned the loss of her family. While Maritza mourns her loss, Dean tells Sam they will wait till the spa clears out and take care of Maritza. Sam protests telling Dean Maritza help save them, and they agree to send her back to Peru.