Marshall Hall

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Name Marshall Hall
Actor Woody Jeffreys
Dates  ???? - 2006 (killed by The Reaper)
Location Nebraska
Occupation Teacher
Episode(s) 1.12 Faith


Ford City Tribune article about Marshall Hall.

At the same moment Dean is healed by Roy Le Grange, Marshall Hall is at a pool, attacked by a reaper, and dies of a heart attack at exactly 4:17 pm The clock by the pool broke at that minute and hasn't worked since.

The "Ford City Tribune" newspaper article Sam found with Marshall's picture on it carries the headline: "Openly Gay Teacher Wins Lawsuit - Strong Message Sent to Nation's School Boards - Debate Continues - School Trustees Demand Equal Gender Policy."

According to a nurse, Marshall was twenty-seven and athletic.

According to a man at the pool, Marshall "seemed healthy. Swam every day, didn’t smoke." He also saw Marshall freaking out, running, and saying that something was after him.


  • A deleted scene from the Season 1 DVD: Marshall Hall is seen swimming in the pool where he died. The scene cuts back and forth between Dean being healed by Roy Le Grange and Marshall being chased by the reaper.