Matt Pike

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Matt pike.jpg
Name Matt Pike
Actor Tyler Johnston
Episode(s) 1.08 Bugs


Matt is the son of Larry and Joanie Pike, with an affinity for insects. His father is a land developer who builds a house estate in Oasis Plains, Oklahoma on land that carries a curse from a chief of the Euchee Tribe after a cavalry massacre.


1.08 Bugs

At the Pike new buyers BBQ, Sam is speaking with Lynda Bloome, when he notices a tarantula crawling towards her hand, which is resting on a table. A few feet away, Matt is watching excitedly. Sam pushes Lynda out of the way and picks up the spider, bringing it over to Matt. Matt asks Sam if he is going to tell his dad, but Larry and Dean arrive and Larry apologizes for Matt and his pet.

After finding dead spiders at the scene of Lynda Bloome's death Sam and Dean suspect Matt may have had something to do with it. They pull up at a curb, where across the street, Matt gets off a school bus and begins walking the opposite direction of his home. Sam and Dean get out of the car and begin following Matt into the woods, where they find him examining a grasshopper. The Winchesters confront Matt, who deduces that they are not here to buy a new home. They question him about Lynda's death, and gets angry at the assumption he had anything to do with it. He tells Sam and Dean that there is something going on with the insects and wants to show them. He grabs his things and begins leading the Winchesters to another area. A few moments later, they reach a large clearing. The sounds of hundreds of different insects can be heard among the trees. Matt tells them he has been keeping track of the insect populations and tells them that everything from bees, earthworms to beetles have been congregating to this area.

Later that night at his home, Matt is in the backyard with a flashlight. He hears a noise coming from the ground. He crouches down by a patch of ground and moves a rock. Suddenly, tons of cockroaches come crawling out from under the dirt, prompting Matt to run away. When Sam calls the Pike residence, Matt picks up the phone and tells Sam about the cockroaches in his backyard. Sam tells Matt to get his family out of there, but as his father would never believe under normal circumstances, Dean tells him not to tell the truth and to lie about having a sharp pain in his stomach, to get them to a hospital.