Melissa Harper

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Melissa Harper.png
Name Melissa Harper
Actor Luciana Carro
Location Hudson, Ohio
Episode(s) 11.13 Love Hurts


After finding out her husband, Dan, had been cheating on her with their babysitter, Melissa confided in her hairdresser, Sonja, about the affair. Sonja, in turn tells Melissa she is a white witch and gives her a spell to make her husband love her once again.


11.13 Love Hurts

While getting ready for their Valentine's Day date, Melissa kisses Dan before he goes to let their babysitter, Staci, in who quickly kisses Dan before Melissa comes downstairs. After the deaths of Staci and Dan, Sam and Dean assume Melissa is a shapeshifter and go to her home to test her with silver, when there is no effect, Sam and Dean leave to figure out who the shapeshifter is. After Sam and Dean leave, Melissa frantically calls Sonja as she destroys the ingredients to a spell in the garbage disposal. Later that night, as Melissa is having a glass of wine, there is a loud banging coming from her front door, when she goes to see who it is, she is shocked to see her husband, Dan, asking to be let in. When she doesn't open the door, Dan breaks it down and begins pursuing her around the house. Melissa is able to fend him off as she makes her escape out the back door. Melissa then goes to Sam and Dean's motel and tells them about Dan trying to kill her and that she performed a "return to love spell" given to her by her hairdresser, Sonja, a purported white witch. Sam looks at the spell and through research finds out that it is actually a death curse that is passed on through kissing. When Melissa kissed Dan on Valentine's Day, Dan had passed the curse on to Staci when they kissed, once Staci was killed the curse worked its way back to Dan and now Melissa. Suddenly, "Dan" busts through the back patio, Dean fills him full of silver bullets, to no effect, as Dan begins advancing on Melissa, Dean kisses her, passing the curse onto himself. Causing "Dan" to stop and focus on Dean, before Sam knocks him down temporarily with a chair. The trio escape to the Impala and put some distance between them and "Dan." While stopped, Melissa tells Sam and Dean she was given the curse at Sonja's salon. At the salon, Melissa waits in the car with a silver knife she reluctantly took while Sam and Dean search for any information inside.

As Sonja is about to magically choke Sam to death, Melissa enters the salon and distracts her long enough for Sam to get his gun and shoot Sonja with witch-killing bullets.