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Missouri Mosely.jpg
Name Missouri Moseley
Actor Loretta Devine
Dates  ???? - 2017 (killed by a wraith)
Location Omaha, Nebraaska
Occupation Psychic
Episode(s) 1.09 Home
13.03 Patience

Boy, you see me sawin' some bony tramp in half? You think I'm a magician? I may be able to read thoughts and sense energies in a room but I can't just pull facts outta thin air!

– Missouri Moseley, 1.09 Home


Missouri was a hunter and psychic who practiced in Lawrence, Kansas. When he was young, Missouri would go on hunts and her son, James Turner, would worry about her safety. Missouri's relationship with her son would eventually become strained, leading to an estrangement between the two after Missouri did not predict the death of James' wife. John Winchester first met Missouri on December 17, 1983 (See John's Journal). Twenty-two years later when Dean and Sam Winchester are in Lawrence they are led to Missouri by the first line of the first page in John's Journal, "I went to Missouri and found the truth."

Sometime after her meeting Sam and Dean, Missouri stepped away from the hunting life, moving to Omaha, Nebraska at some point.


1.09 Home

Following a vision Sam has, the boys return to their home in Lawrence, Kansas. They visit Missouri Moseley, who recognizes them without introduction, and also knows of Jess’ death and John’s disappearance. Sam, Dean, and Missouri return to the house, and explain to Jenny that they can help rid the house of whatever is there. Missouri senses two presences, one of which is a mean poltergeist, but neither of which were responsible for Mary’s death. Missouri has the boys help her prepare bags filled with ingredients that will help purify the house. As they start placing the bags, the poltergeist fights back violently, trying to stop them. Finally all the bags are placed, the house appears peaceful, and Missouri declares the house safe.

Missouri Moseley as she appears in 1.09 Home.

Sam is less sure, and he and Dean sit in the car watching the house. Suddenly Jenny appears, screaming at the upstairs window, just as she did in Sam’s dream. The boys rush inside and Dean takes Jenny to safety. As something attacks him, Sam gives Ritchie to Sari and they run outside. Dean breaks down the front door, and finds Sam in the nursery, where some force has pinned him to the wall. A fiery figure appears, but just before Dean shoots it, it coalesces into the figure of their mother, Mary. She commands the poltergeist to leave the house before disappearing herself in a ball of flame. Jenny and her family return to the house, and Missouri promises to keep an eye on them, as Sam and Dean take their leave. At home, Missouri muses aloud that she is surprised that, given his powers, Sam couldn't sense the presence of his father; John Winchester is in her sitting room. Missouri tells him to go and see his sons but he says he can’t, until he knows the truth. It is implied that she knew what killed Mary and didn't tell John about it.

7.07 The Mentalists

In Lily Dale, a town full of psychics, some real, some fake, Dean mentions Missouri, saying, "When was the last time we saw a real psychic? Pamela? Missouri?"

13.03 Patience

Learning that her protege Dede has been murdered by something supernatural, Missouri places a call to Sam Winchester asking for his help. Sam, not wanting to leave Jack alone, passes the case on to Jody Mills, which angers Dean, who leaves for Omaha, Nebraska, to help Missouri. Missouri meets with Jody and has a happy reunion with Dean and notices his grief and gives her condolences to him.

Jody reveals that Dede's brains were removed from a small puncture wound in her neck. Dean and Missouri quickly surmise they are dealing with a wraith, and when Missouri begins reading the room's energy, she confirms their hypothesis, telling Dean and Jody that the wraith is hunting psychics. Missouri sees a vision of her estranged son James Turner's death, and urges Dean and Jody to go to Buckhead, Georgia, to protect him and her granddaughter Patience, who is also psychic.

Later that night, as Missouri is waiting in Dede's shop, the wraith arrives. Undeterred, Missouri tells the wraith that she will not scream, as she has seen the possible outcomes, all of which end with her death. Accepting her fate, she defiantly tells the wraith that her death will ensure that he is stopped. Dean and Jody later see a news report on her death at a gas station.

Patience experiences a vision of her grandmother warning her about the wraith, which she passes off as a nightmare until she discovers through her dad that she's a psychic. She later has a flashback to the last time she saw Missouri, at her mom's funeral where Missouri gave her a brooch with one of her Lithomantic gems and promised that she would always do her best to protect her, no matter where she was. After Patience is kidnapped by the wraith, James uses his Lithomantic gems to locate her and the wraith using a locating spell that Moseley taught him when he was a kid. When they arrive to save her, Patience uses her gift to protect Dean, Jody, and James after she has a vision that they were going to be killed by the wraith. Dean is able to kill it and avenge Missouri's death. When Dean returns to the Bunker, Sam tells him that Jody had called to inform him about Missouri's death.


  • According to Eric Kripke, he got the name Missouri Moseley from his wife's great-great grandmother, a frontier woman who was rumored to be psychic.

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