Missy Bender

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Name Missy Bender
Actor Alexia Fast
Location Hibbing, Minnesota
Occupation Cannibal
Episode(s) 1.15 The Benders


Missy Bender is youngest of the Benders. She is the daughter of Pa Bender and the sister of Jared and Lee Bender.


1.15 The Benders

When Deputy Kathleen Hudak arrives at the Bender house looking for Sam and Alvin Jenkins, the first person she meets is Missy Bender. When asked where her mother and father are, she tells Deputy Hudak they are dead, she then begins to smile as Pa Bender sneaks up behind the deputy and knocks her out with a shovel. She is then sent to find Jared and Lee by Pa.

Later when Dean makes his way to the Bender home, she attacks Dean with a knife pinning him to a wall, and calls for Pa. Jared and Lee arrive and a fight ensues, where Dean is eventually knocked out by Pa Bender.

When Sam and Deputy Hudak escape from their cages, Pa orders Missy to stay in the house and keep an eye on Dean while he and Jared go see what happened to Lee. Dean is able to eventually free himself, and locks Missy in a closet.


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