Music (Season Ten)

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10.01 Black

Pat Benatar - Heartbreaker

plays over "The Road So Far" recap of events

Right Said Fred - I'm Too Sexy

the first karaoke song Dean sings

Bonjah - Honey

playing in the bar when Sam calls Crowley

Ryan Cain and the Ables - Yes Indeedy

playing in the bar when Crowley tries to talk Dean into ruling Hell with him

Atlanta Rhythm Section - Imaginary Lover

the second karaoke song Dean sings

10.02 Reichenbach

Warrant - Cherry Pie

playing in the strip club; also played in 5.13 The Song Remains the Same

Beast - Love Missile (Extreme Music)

playing in the bar as Crowley talks to Dean about killing Lester Morris' wife

Eddie Holman - Hey There Lonely Girl

playing in the bar as Crowley is looking at a photo of him and Dean

10.03 Soul Survivor

Peter Malick & Amyl Justin - Shot Full of Heartache

playing in the bar as Sam is talking to Lester

Peter Seidenberg & Elaine Comparone - Sonata No. 1 in G Major, BWV 1027: IV. Allegro moderato

playing in Rowena's hotel room

10.04 Paper Moon

Warren Zevon - Werewolves of London

plays during the teaser

10.05 Fan Fiction

Gordon Lightfoot - Sundown

playing as Dean is fixing up the Impala

Jay Gruska, Tim Pierce & Alyssa Lynch - The Road So Far

sung by Siobhan/"Dean" in the play

Jay Gruska, Tim Pierce & Nina Winkler - I'll Just Wait Here Then

sung by Kristen/"Castiel" in the play

Christopher Lennertz, Cameron Stone, Alyssa Lynch & Katie Sarife - A Single Man Tear

sung by Siobhan/"Dean" & Marie/"Sam" in the play

Jay Gruska, Vivien Amour, Alyssa Lynch, Kelli Ogmundson, Katie Sarife, Rachel Warkentin & Nina Winkler - Carry On Wayward Son

sung by the cast of the Supernatural play; also played in 1.21 Salvation, 2.22 All Hell Breaks Loose: Part Two, 3.16 No Rest for the Wicked, 4.22 Lucifer Rising, 5.22 Swan Song, 6.22 The Man Who Knew Too Much, 7.23 Survival of the Fittest, 8.23 Sacrifice and 9.23 Do You Believe in Miracles?

10.06 Ask Jeeves

Ludwig van Beethoven - Für Elise

plays when Sam and Dean ring the door bell at Bunny LaCroix's manor

Robert Schumann - Arabesque, Op. 18

playing as Sam and Dean meet Bunny's family

Robert de Fresnes - Bust a Moby (Reliable Source Music)

plays as Sam & Dean get in the Impala and leave the LaCroix Estate

Bob Seger - Travelin' Man

plays at the end of the episode

10.07 Girls, Girls, Girls

Stephen Emil Dudas & Mark G. Hart - Lay Low Lady (Extreme Music)

playing in Lizardo's Porterhouse while Dean and Sam wait for Dean's date

Pamela Clay - Toi Et Moi

playing in the restaurant Rowena takes Catlin and Elle to

Pamela Clay - Danse D'amour

playing in the restaurant as Rowena, Catlin and Elle are being served

10.08 Hibbing 911

Jim Wolfe - All I Know (Jive / 43 BPM)

playing in the bar as Jody and Donna talk to Len about the animal attack

Tim Renwick - There's a Rumour (Cavendish Music Library / Imagem Production Music)

playing in the bar after Len is pulled aside to deal with the "raffle"

The Band - The Weight

playing as Sam and Dean roll into Hibbing

10.09 The Things We Left Behind

Martin Denny - Quiet Village

playing in the bar Dean, Sam and Cas go to talk about Claire and fathers

The Blue Hawaiians - Quiet Surf

playing in the bar as Dean is telling the CBGB story

10.10 The Hunter Games

Electric Light Orchestra - Long Black Road

plays during "The Road So Far" recap of events

Ross Hardy & Brian White - Drunk and on My Own (De Wolfe Music Library)

playing in the bar where Claire is shooting pool with her new friends

Ruth Connell - The Bonnie Banks o' Loch Lomond

hummed by Rowena as she cuts off a piece of Crowley's tie

Ruth Connell - Scotland the Brave

hummed by Rowena while doing her spell to spy on Crowley

10.11 There's No Place Like Home

10.12 About a Boy

James Gang - Ashes, the Rain and I

plays while Dean is researching the Mark of Cain

Headwater - Only a Matter of Time

playing in the bar when Dean goes to question the bartender about JP

Bob Bradley & Steve Dymond - Fever for Rock and Roll (De Wolfe Music Library)

(playing in the bar while Dean and Tina talk about their childood)

Taylor Swift - Shake It Off

plays as Sam and Dean drive off

10.13 Halt & Catch Fire

The Avett Brothers - Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise

playing the car of the couple in the teaser

Against Empire - Work, Breed, Consume

playing in Kyle's room; death by decibel

Hozier - Take Me to Church

playing in the car during Delilah's flashback to the car crash