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Name Naomi
Actor Amanda Tapping
Dates Before humanity - 2013 (killed by Metatron)
Location Heaven
Occupation Angel
Episode(s) 8.07 A Little Slice of Kevin
8.08 Hunteri Heroici
8.10 Torn and Frayed
8.17 Goodbye Stranger
8.19 Taxi Driver
8.21 The Great Escapist
8.22 Clip Show (mentioned)
8.23 Sacrifice
9.03 I'm No Angel (mentioned)

Our mission was to protect what God created. I don't know when we forgot that. I want nothing more than to see you shut the Gates of Hell, but I told you that you could trust me. If Sam completes those trials, he is going to die.

– Naomi, 8.23 Sacrifice


Naomi is an angel, and a very powerful one who is the leader of one of the many factions fighting for control of Heaven. She exists in an area of Heaven that Castiel has never seen before. She was responsible for rescuing Castiel from Purgatory - although it cost several angels their lives to recover him - and has continued to monitor him. It is implied that she had a past fling with Crowley in Mesopotamia. According to Ion, Naomi and himself are from the intelligence division in Heaven.


8.07 A Little Slice of Kevin

After Castiel has reunited with the Winchesters and rescued the prophets from Crowley - as well as splitting the Word of God tablet in two - he is summoned to Naomi, who reveals her role in saving him and asks him to tell her about the Winchesters' recent progress. After Castiel tells her this information - although he does not apparently wish to do so - she tells him to return to the Winchesters and continue reporting back to her, although he will not remember any of these "check-ins." She then returns Castiel to Earth with his memory of their meeting erased.

8.08 Hunteri Heroici

When Castiel is about to announce his decision to return to Heaven, Naomi pulls him in for another "chat" and tells him he cannot return unless she allows it, which she won't. Castiel insists that he must return to make up for his mistakes and Naomi, seemingly somewhat sympathetic, tells him to keep doing what he's doing to do that and asks him what he wants to do, which causes Castiel to consider the subject carefully.

8.10 Torn and Frayed

After Samandiriel manages to reactivate his "angel radio," he sends a distress call to Naomi before Viggo interrupts him. Naomi summons Castiel to rescue him before he is broken, telling him the signal cut-off before she could pinpoint his exact location. When Castiel tells her he will need help as Crowley will have warded Samandiriel's location against angels, Naomi tells him to take whatever he needs and to tell the Winchesters it was him who detected the distress call and decided to rescue him.

Naomi roots around in Castiel's mind.

After the Winchesters break the Enochian sigils keeping him out, Castiel is still left weakened and as an apparent side-effect, sees a memory of Naomi having him strapped down to a chair and approaching his eye with some kind of instrument.

After Samandiriel is rescued, he begs Castiel to not take him back to Heaven as he is afraid of Naomi after what he has revealed. Apparently Naomi is well-known in Heaven as Samandiriel is shocked that Castiel has no idea who she is. After learning that Samandiriel revealed the existence of an angel tablet, Naomi orders Castiel to kill him which he does against his will. Naomi orders Castiel to claim that Samandiriel was compromised and he was forced to kill him in self-defense and that he is taking him back to Heaven to be laid to rest. However, this arouses the Winchesters' suspicions that Castiel is being controlled, especially as he starts bleeding from one eye and Castiel is horrified that he murdered another angel. Naomi calls Samandiriel a traitor and said he needed to be executed for what he did. Naomi intends to examine Samandiriel to learn just how much he broke and reveals that the angel tablet, something that any angel would die to protect the existence of, including herself, has the potential to cause great harm to angels, suggesting that like the demon tablet reveals how to lock up demons forever, the angel tablet could do the same with angels.

8.17 Goodbye Stranger

Naomi has Castiel kill hundreds of copies of Dean in order to test him and after he kills a Dean ruthlessly and efficiently, she declares that he is now ready. Naomi sends Castiel to locate the angel tablet which is in one of Lucifer's Crypts and which Crowley is also looking for.

After Castiel encounters the Winchesters during his search, Naomi has him lie to them, telling them that he is searching for Crowley's half of the demon tablet while the demons are searching for a parchment that will allow them to translate their half of the tablet without a prophet. When the demon Castiel is torturing is about to reveal the truth, Naomi has Castiel kill her with his angel blade.

After Castiel and Dean locate the crypt, Castiel tells her that he cannot get the tablet without Dean's help as it is warded against angels. Naomi orders him to have Dean get it for him, then kill Dean. Dean gets the tablet and Castiel attacks Dean, completely out of his control. Naomi explains that with everything that Castiel did, he was "broken" and that she "fixed" him. Dean eventually manages to break through to Castiel who stops and picks up the angel tablet. The tablet surrounds Castiel with bright light that breaks Naomi's connection to him and her control over him, restoring his memories of her at the same time. Castiel leaves with the tablet after explaining Naomi to Dean and healing his injuries, saying he must protect the tablet from Naomi and Dean.

Naomi travels to the crypt to look for herself and meets Crowley there. The two recognize each other and Crowley indicates a past sexual relationship between them in Mesopotamia. Naomi explains that Castiel is doing what he is meant to do: protect the tablet, apparently even if it means protecting it from her. Crowley starts to offer her a deal, but she disappears instead, annoying him as he usually disappears like that.

Later, Naomi is seen in Heaven being reported to by another angel on the lack of luck they are having in the search for Castiel and the tablet.

Naomi faces off against Crowley for the soul of Bobby Singer.

8.19 Taxi Driver

Naomi meets with Dean in Garth's houseboat after Sam has gone to Hell to rescue Bobby Singer and complete the second trial to close the Gates of Hell. Naomi tries to convince Dean that they are on the same side, telling him that she did meet with Castiel periodically but wasn't having him spy on them and that he misinterpreted her orders to protect the tablet at all costs as meaning to kill Dean. Naomi claims Castiel is still broken and wants to save him. Dean doesn't trust her, but she insists she wants the same thing they do, Hell closed up and before she leaves, tells Dean that Sam traveled to Hell through Purgatory.

After Sam returns from Hell and Purgatory with Bobby's soul, Crowley traps the soul and tries to take it back to Hell, but Naomi intervenes. Declaring that as Bobby is an innocent soul he belongs to her, Naomi faces off against Crowley who tries to convince her not to help the Winchesters as he believes they will seal up Heaven too. Telling Crowley she hopes he gets sealed up and she'll figure out the rest, Naomi tries to smite him when he calls her a bureaucrat, but Crowley flees. Naomi releases Bobby's soul from Crowley's trap, allowing him to travel to his rightful place in Heaven and affirms to the Winchesters that they can trust her before disappearing.

8.21 The Great Escapist

Naomi receives news from Ion that he and Esper cannot capture Castiel, explaining Castiel's clever plan of using the Biggerson's Restaurants to his advantage. After hearing this, she orders Ion to slaughter every person in one Biggerson's Restaurant to draw out Castiel. The plan is successful and when Naomi arrives she telekinetically snaps Kara neck thus killing her. After witnessing what Naomi has done, Castiel exclaims that this is wrong but Naomi refutes, saying that she and many angels have participated in many massacres, referencing to the time they had to kill every first born child in Egypt. She also reveals that Castiel took part in that event as well but he doesn't remember it because she wiped his memory clean and has done so many times after. Crowley arrives and creating bullets made from an angel blade kills Esper and wounds Ion. Naomi then tries to smite him but disappears when Crowley fires first at her.

8.22 Clip Show

Naomi is mentioned by Metatron when discussing with Castiel that although she claims to rule Heaven, she is just the leader of one of the multiple factions in Heaven.

8.23 Sacrifice

An angel named Nathaniel approaches Naomi with the news that one of their freelance operatives has spotted Castiel in Houston, Texas. To Naomi's shock, Nathaniel reveals that Metatron has been spotted with him.

Naomi and two angels travel to Houston and capture Metatron and face off with Castiel. Naomi orders an angel to kill Castiel, but after the bartender shoots the angel and Metatron tells Castiel to stand down, she just leaves with her henchmen and Metatron.

Naomi lies dead.

In her office in Heaven, Naomi straps Metatron to a chair. Despite having never met in person, Metatron recognizes her as the angel that was supposed to "debrief" him after God left Heaven. Naomi tells him that the archangels wanted to know the secrets in his mind and she now wants to know why he came out of hiding and what his plans are. Naomi tortures Metatron and is shocked by what she finds, asking him why he is going with the plan that he is. Metatron tells her that he was elevated to God's Scribe and it was incredible, but he was forced from his home and now wants payback. Horrified, Naomi leaves, leaving Metatron alone.

Naomi appears on Earth near where Castiel and Dean are after having just completed the second trial to close the Gates of Heaven. Castiel angrily confronts her with his angel blade, but Naomi insists that she is just there to talk, not fight and Dean gets Castiel to hear her out. Naomi reveals what she has learned from Metatron: as revenge for his expulsion from Heaven, he is using Castiel to expel all angels permanently, not close the gates of Heaven. Castiel doesn't believe her, but Naomi insists that its true. She expresses regret for all of her actions, crying and tells Castiel and Dean that angels were meant to protect humanity and somewhere along the line they lost sight of that. Naomi, reminding Dean that she told him he could trust her, tells him that while she wants him to close the Gates of Hell, she has learned that doing so will kill Sam, that God intended for the person closing the gates to have to make the ultimate sacrifice. Naomi tells Castiel that if he wishes to return to Heaven she is now willing to hear him out and disappears. Castiel doesn't believe her claims and Kevin Tran is unable to back them up with the angel tablet, but Dean does and has Castiel take him to Sam.

Castiel travels to Naomi's office in Heaven only to find that Metatron has killed her by impaling her in the head with her own torture spike. Metatron confirms that Naomi told him the truth about his intentions.

9.03 I'm No Angel

After Ezekiel tells him that a faction of angels is gathering power and vessels, Dean asks him if Naomi is their leader, but Ezekiel tells him that he hasn't heard her name mentioned. Later, the rogue reaper Maurice tells Sam and Dean that Naomi is dead and that the new leader is one of her followers, Bartholomew.