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Powers and Abilities Superhuman strength, durability & perception of angel true forms.
Vulnerabilities Angel and archangel blades
Appearance Human
Episode(s) 8.22 Clip Show
13.01 Lost and Found
13.02 The Rising Son
13.03 Patience
13.04 The Big Empty
13.06 Tombstone
13.09 The Bad Place
13.14 Good Intentions
13.20 Unfinished Business
13.21 Beat the Devil
13.22 Exodus
13.23 Let The Good Times Roll

Castiel: Nephilim grow up. They grow into their power and then–
Mirabel: Entire worlds die.

Castiel and Mirabel, 12.10 Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets


Nephilim are the offspring of humans and angels. Their creation is forbidden and they are considered to be abominations by Heaven. The oldest known Nephilim in the lore was the Queen of Sheba, who visited King Solomon; he created a tracking spell for Nephilim to keep an eye on her.

At one point, there was only one, Jane, known to be on Earth. Jane was killed by Castiel after Metatron told him it was necessary, as one of the trials to close the Gates to Heaven required a Nephilim heart.

After Lucifer possesses President Jefferson Rooney and has sex with Kelly Kline, a presidential aide, he purposefully channels an immense amount of cosmic energy, resulting in the conception of another Nephilim, Jack. Due to the immense power used by Lucifer, the cosmic shock wave alerts all angels as well as the British Men of Letters of its creation.


The Nephilim appear human, but when they are provoked, they reveal glowing silver eyes. However, the Nephilim Jack possesses golden eyes, possibly due to being born of an archangel as opposed to a regular angel. The gestation period for a Nephilim child is shorter than that of a normal human, around six months, and they appear to have the ability to be born fully matured into young adulthood if they so choose. When a Nephilim is born there are usually signs accompanying the birth such as storms, outbreaks of disease, plagues of locusts, massive power outages, and even tears in space and time. Due to being considered abominations of nature and Heaven, a Nephilim can cause dangerous reactions around objects considered holy, as shown when Kelly Kline set a Bible aflame just by placing her hand on it while pregnant with her son Jack.

According to the lore, it is said that as a Nephilim grows into its power, it will become more powerful than the angel that sired it.

Powers and abilities

  • Angel creation - Jack Kline has shown to be capable of forging a human soul into an angel.
  • Clairsentience – Nephilim can see the halos on angels.
  • Enhanced durability – Nephilim can withstand attacks from angels and seraphs such as Metatron and Castiel, respectively. They can also shield themselves from magical attacks.
  • Sedation – Like angels, Nephilim can render anyone unconscious with a single touch.
  • Superhuman strength – A Nephilim's strength far exceeds that of normal angels, including seraphs such as Castiel.
  • Teleportation – Nephlim, like angels, have wings and are capable of teleporting.


  • Angel blade – The Nephilim Jane was killed with an angel blade. Jack, due to being born of an archangel, is shown to be unharmed by the blades.
  • Archangel blade – Was able to wound Jack, who had his grace removed.
  • Extracting grace – The process can render a Nephilim human. When a Nephilim loses their grace, it may take anywhere between a month to a century to replenish, however their human component decelerates the process due to the grace of a Nephilim keeping its unnatural nature in balance.
  • Warding sigils - Certain powerful warding is capable of nullifying a Nephilim's powers.


  • The Queen of Sheba: According to Sam, she was described as half-angel in the lore. After she visited King Solomon, he commissioned a tracking spell capable of locating nephilim to keep an eye on her. The spell was later located by Barthamus and offered to give it to Sam and Dean to find Jack as opposed to giving it to Asmodeus, even giving them half the spell to verify its authenticity. He wanted the Winchesters to retrieve his bones from Luther Shrike in exchange for the other half of the spell, but after stealing them they decided not to relinquish them to Barthamus because they don't like him. Alice then burns his bones, killing Barthamus and incinerating the other half of the spell in the process, rendering the Winchesters' half useless.[1]
Castiel kills the Nephilim Jane.
  • Jane: She is a Nephilim who is, according to Metatron, the only one in existence at the time (2013). She works as a waitress at a restaurant called Eugenies in Ojai, California, and serves Metatron and Castiel. When the two decide that Castiel will do the three trials to seal off Heaven, Metatron reveals that the waitress is a Nephilim and Castiel must kill her and cut out her heart to complete the first trial. The two angels follow Jane after she finishes work one night, but she reveals her knowledge of what they are and begs them not to kill her. As she is an innocent woman, Castiel hesitates but when she attacks him and Metatron, Castiel kills her with his angel blade, thus completing the trial.[2]
  • Jack Kline: He is the Nephilim offspring of Kelly Kline and Lucifer. He was conceived when Lucifer inhabited the body of President Jefferson Rooney, with whom Kelly was having a relationship. As Castiel cares for Kelly during the later part of her pregnancy, Jack bonds with him and comes to view him as his father after he is born. Following his birth, the Winchesters take him in to keep watch over him in case he is evil, and to use him to access the Apocalypse World where Mary is trapped. However over time, the Winchesters accept him into the family. Jack reciprocates their familial ties, even stating that Lucifer is nothing to him and that Castiel and the Winchesters are his family. When Jack finally meets his father, Lucifer, a bond begins to form between the two, where Jack even mourns over his father's apparent death. However, once Jack realizes that Lucifer has not changed his ways, he rejects his father, prompting Lucifer to steal and consume a majority of Jack's grace and force Jack and Sam into a battle to the death for his enjoyment. While Sam is unwilling to kill him, Jack attempts suicide with the archangel blade, but he stops after Dean arrives after granting consent to Michael and eventually kills Lucifer. After killing Michael using the power of his soul, Jack takes the archangel's grace and regains his powers as a Nephilim. Donatello Redfield later states that he is probably the most powerful being in the universe.

Nephilim in Fandom

During the first two seasons of Supernatural, there was much fan speculation that Sam may have been a Nephilim.

Nephilim in Lore

In the Hebrew Scriptures, Nephilim are said to be the offspring of the "sons of God" and the "daughters of men." The coupling of angels and human women was said to produce giants.

The word "Nephilim," pronounced neh-feel-EEM, is Hebrew and plural. The word for a single offspring of an angel and human is "Naphil," pronounced nah-FEEL.

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