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Name Nick
Actor Mark Pellegrino
Dates  ???? - 2010 (killed by Lucifer)
Location Pike Creek, Delaware
Episode(s) 5.01 Sympathy for the Devil
5.22 Swan Song
12.13 Family Feud

Nick: If I help you... can you bring back my family?

Lucifer: I'm sorry. I can't. But I can give you the next best thing. God did this to you, Nick. And I can give you justice. Peace.
Nick: How do I know you're telling the truth?
Lucifer: Because, contrary to popular belief, I don't lie. I don't need to. What I need... is you. Nick, I need you to say yes.

Nick: Then yes.

– Nick consenting to Lucifer, 5.01 Sympathy for the Devil


Nick is a solemn widower living in Delaware. He was married to a woman named Sarah, and together they had a child. One night a criminal crept into their house and murdered Sarah and the baby. After the home invasion, Nick still resides in the house, and has kept some objects that were connected to Sarah and the baby. Nick is used as a "Plan B" vessel for Lucifer. However, because he isn't the "true" vessel, over time Nick’s body slowly becomes more and more degraded. The longer he continues to be occupied by Lucifer the more his body suffers, due to the inability of Nick's body to handle Lucifer's essence. Castiel tells Sam that Nick would be drinking gallons of demon blood in order to be able to host Lucifer.[1] Nick is dispossessed in 5.22 Swan Song, at which point he dies from being burned out by the possession.[2] Despite no longer using Nick as a vessel, Nick appears to be Lucifer's favored form to manifest visually in as seen in 11.09 O Brother, Where Art Thou?, 11.10 The Devil in the Details and 11.18 Hell's Angel. Years after Nick's death, his body was found by Crowley's demons and it was repaired and improved so that Nick's body could be a suitable permanent vessel for Lucifer. Following Lucifer's defeat in 12.08 LOTUS, he was returned to Nick's body by a spell, causing Nick to once more become Lucifer's vessel.[3]


Lucifer takes the form of Nick's deceased wife, to convince him into becoming his vessel.

5.01 Sympathy for the Devil

Nick's wife and child have been murdered during a home invasion. As he grieves, he starts hallucinating. Lucifer appears as his wife Sarah and tells him that he is a vessel, and that Lucifer wants his consent to possess him. Lucifer says he is misunderstood, that he was punished for "loving God too much." He says that he will help Nick get justice for his family. Nick assents to possession.

5.22 Swan Song

Dean and Sam meet up with Lucifer at an abandoned apartment. Nick's body looks even more run-down and degraded than it did in 5.19 Hammer of the Gods. Sam agrees to be Lucifer's vessel. Nick's body is seen motionless on the ground after the dispossession, burned out from Lucifer's possession.

12.13 Family Feud

A few years after Nick's death, Crowley and his demons find his body and Crowley has it repaired and improved to act as a suitable permanent vessel for Lucifer. After Crowley corrupts Rowena's spell to send Lucifer back to the Cage, he is instead sent into Nick's body where Lucifer is restrained with chains made from the same material that was used to create the Cage which was discovered after a team of Crowley's twelve most trusted demons studied it. Due to Crowley's improvements upon Nick's body, he shows no signs of degrading from the possession like he did previously and like Lucifer's other vessels aside from Castiel and President Jefferson Rooney.