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There are certain numbers that crop up frequently in Supernatural canon. This page is for documenting their appearances and speculating on likely meanings.


124601.jpg 124602.jpg

1246 is actually encoded using numerology frequency numbers method:


1102 is the date of Mary Winchesters death.

11 02 83

The date of Mary Winchester's death. This is the combination for the Weapons Box.

01 24

  • In an interview Kripke revealed that the significance of the date was that it was his wife's birthday and it was 'kinda my valentine to her.'.


I found this box with my Dad's name on it. It was filled with all kinds of stuff, but before I could really get a good look, my Mom grabbed it away. ...
One thing I did see before Mom took the box... a piece of paper, my Dad's stationary. Totally blank except for the number 4747. It was dated three weeks before he died. ]