P.T. Sandover

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Name P.T. Sandover
Actor John Hainsworth
Dates 1841 - 1916
1929 - 2009 (spirit laid to rest by Sam Winchester)
Location Ohio
Occupation Founder of Sandover Bridge & Iron Inc.
Episode(s) 4.17 It's a Terrible Life


In life, P.T. Sandover was the founder of Sandover Bridge & Iron Inc. He was a workaholic, who had no wife or kids to speak of. He used to say he was the company, and that his very blood pumped through the building. His office was room 1444 until he died in 1916. His spirit is woken in times of great economic distress. He "zaps" the employees of the company who are poor workers and turns them into model employees -- the perfect worker bees. They become so dedicated that when they inevitably fail, they kill themselves. He began attacking employees in 1929 during the Great Depression, when 17 people committed suicide by jumping from office windows.


P.T. Sandover's obituary.

4.17 It's a Terrible Life

Dean Smith and Sam Wesson manage to destroy Sandover's spirit, which was haunting the company's building, by burning a pair of gloves that contained the last of his remains. It was subsequently revealed that the Winchesters' new lives were part of an illusion created by Zachariah to remind the Winchesters that they were meant to be Hunters, but Zachariah explained that the hunt itself was still real, suggesting that Sandover was a real ghost that the Winchesters would have dealt with if they had been themselves.