Pastor Jim Murphy

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Name Jim Murphy
Actor Richard Sali
Dates  ? - November 2006
Location Blue Earth, Minnesota
Occupation Pastor, hunter
Episode(s) 1.18 Something Wicked (Referred To)
1.21 Salvation



Has not seen John Winchester for a year before November 2006. Relationship with the Winchesters spans back to at least 1989 (see 1.18 Something Wicked) Killed (throat slashed) by a possessed Meg Masters approx. November 2006.


  • Jim's church is located in Blue Earth, Minnesota.
  • In the flashbacks of episode 1.18_Something_Wicked, John instructs young Dean to contact Pastor Jim in case of emergency. Later in the episode Dean mentions that, after the incident in question, John dropped the boys off with Pastor Jim before leaving to hunt the monster.
  • Although Jim's denomination is not explicitly stated, he wears a clerical collar and is addressed as "Pastor Jim." The interior of his church can bee seen in the episode, Salvation.
  • Has a hidden arsenal in his office in the basement of his church.
  • The tie-in comic Origins_4 offers further back story on Jim Murphy, including his history as a hunter. In this tie-in, Jim uses a psychic ability to provide clues to John about his wife's killer. In the comic, he is depicted wearing a black cassock with collar and purple stole, and his church is similar to that shown in "Sanctuary" with the addition of a large crucifix.


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