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Name Paul
Actor Bruce Ramsay
Dates  ???? – 2010 (killed by Jane)
Location Blue Earth, Minnesota
Occupation Bartender
Episode(s) 5.17 99 Problems


Paul lived and grew up in Blue Earth, Minnesota, where he worked as the local bartender. His lifelong friend was Rob, whom he had stood up at his wedding for. When the Apocalypse began, he joined his fellow townspeople in the Sacrament Lutheran Militia -- a militia they formed to fight the demon threat prophesized by the local pastor's daughter.


5.17 99 Problems

When Sam and Dean are fleeing from a mass demon attack, Paul, Rob, and Dylan arrive to rescue them. Paul uses a hose attached to the roof of their van to spray holy water over the demons as Rob recites an exorcism through a loudspeaker. Back in town, Rob and Paul take Sam and Dean to the local church where a wedding is taking place. Paul tells them it's the eighth that week.

Later in the local bar, Paul serves Sam beers on the house and tells him that since the Apocalypse began, the bar has been busier than usual. Not long after, the church bells began to toll, prompting everyone to leave the bar. Sam asks Paul what's happening, Paul tells him that Leah has had another vision.

In the church, Pastor Gideon relays Leah's prophecy that there are demons nearby and he asks who wants to go hunt them. After Rob volunteers, Paul does so too, giving the excuse, "Someone's got to cover Rob's ass." When Pastor Gideon asks them to join him in prayer, Paul refuses to do so.

After the hunt and the death of Rob's son Dylan, Leah encourages the townspeople to follow the angels' commandments in order to be able to go to Paradise and see their dead loved ones again. Since that includes no drinking, Paul's bar is empty of customers when Sam comes by for a drink. He confides in Sam that he's not sure if there's a God, but he doesn't want to be hypocritical by starting to pray when he never has done in the past. When Leah tells the townspeople that they can't go to Paradise since Paul is a non-believer, and is going against the angels' commandments, Rob, Jane, and the rest of the townspeople turn up at Paul's bar to get him to leave town. Paul refuses to leave, telling them they'll have to drag him out. A fight breaks out with the townsfolk before Jane shoots Paul dead.